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Dreams of a Dreamer

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  • 20131006
    It's so hard to believe it but we are already celebrating another birthday. We've had our ups and downs over the years but through it all you guys have stuck by us through thick and thin and I thank you all so much. We will have a few different events throughout the week. One example would be some live chats. A few of us have some other things we will be doing that you won't want to miss.

    *passses slices of cake out to everyone*

    PARTAY! :birthday: :disco: :party:

    by Bren - Comments: 9 - Views: 494
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  • 20130831
    For soooo long I've had such a hard time with self esteem. I hated the way I looked, the way my personality was, i hated it all. I've heard compliments, and I've heard insults. "You're annoying! You're ugly! You're a liar! You're a mistake!" Yep, I've heard em all....for so long I searched for attention. Most likely, I'd go to boys, "Yes," I would think to myself, "They'll fulfill me!" hahahaha i laugh at myself when I now think about it. Going to boys to fulfill my thirsty soul, how lame! I was empty, I was hurting, I was longing,and I wasn't being satisfied. Last year, I almost committed suicide,...

    by Maria - Comments: 8 - Views: 524
  • 20130902

    by Maria - Comments: 7 - Views: 2025
  • 20130901
    I'm gonna start off with a simple question, (for you who have truly gotten saved,) do you remember when you first got saved? Do you remember the excitement and the joy you felt and how you wanted to tell every one who would listen? Do you still have that joy? Or has it disappeared? I know there are some days I forget what Jesus did for me. A lot of the times, we forget certain truths. Like did you know the God of the universe loves you? Did you know that Jesus loves you? I have proof! For so long I doubted that Jesus loves us, I wanted him to say it. I prayed for months for proof...and I got it,...

    by Maria - Comments: 2 - Views: 244
  • 20130824
    Hello my dears! As some of you know, I'm getting really sick of glasses. Originally, I was gonna wait till my 15th birthday for contacts, (you see, my mother promised them as a birthday present) I was soooo excited, but now they've been paying for a lot of car stuff because they keep breaking down, so being the "sweet" daughter I am I decided to save up for them my self. It was going pretty well, too! Until my employer didn't pay me as much as she was going to. That hurt, a lot, knowing...

    by Maria - Comments: 9 - Views: 324
  • 20130821
    Do you have questions about fashion? Well, your in the right place! Ask away, my dears!

    by Maria - Comments: 20 - Views: 425
  • 20130817
    Hello all! How are you my dears? How am I you ask? Okay I suppose, just trying to listen to the whispers in my heart. Just like our dear Lizzy I have my own "Luke" in my life. He gets me sucked into by saying how I'm so beautiful. Problem is, I'm partly afraid of him. When ever he gets the chance, he grabs me. I'm quite frightened by it all. He's awakened new desires within me that I wanna fully awaken, yet something holds me back. I have a vision, a dream, of a godly handsome husband who wants to have a family with me. Does "Luke" fulfill the dream? Nope. Just not to long ago, I was in the shower,...

    by Maria - Comments: 2 - Views: 247
  • 20130806
    Today is the day!!! Okay, lets begin with my Top Five Favorites!
    1. Witterfer asked,
    "If you had a purple pet alpaca that liked to play the bagpipes, what would you name it?"
     Well, does he have a green belly? I wanna name him Barney!
    2. Stella asked, " If you could make the sky any color (besides blue) what color would you make it?"
       I would totally make it hot pink with black clouds! Or maybe purple clouds! Cool
    3. Sammy asked "When did you first start writing?"
    I started writing...

    by Maria - Comments: 23 - Views: 560
  • 20130731
    Dear Diary,
    Okay, so wow, my life is soooo crazy sometimes. I had to babysit Adam and his half brother and sister. And his sister is only 2 years younger then me, so it's like babysitting my brother Warren. Crazy huh? But anyway, all the kids did were either fight or whine! The only reason I'll be continuing the job is for the money, which I'll be saving till I can afford my contacts! I can't wait to buy them! Ooh I'm so excited! I should be able to afford them by at least October! I know the job is a good witnessing tool, but it's SOOOO hard to keep my cool. I wish people didn't spoil their...

    by Maria - Comments: 18 - Views: 338
  • 20130802
    Okay guys....I'm gonna do something kinda crazy! (don't I always??? Very Happy) I want you guys to Reply to this with your questions for me, they can be anything! Personal, (not to personal though....)crazy, anything! And as many as you'd like! And to my top 5 favorite questions, i'll be give 15 sea shells! (with Ryan's help though.... Wink) So....my dears....ask away!!!!

    by Maria - Comments: 13 - Views: 333
  • 20130719
    *starts to sing* "Be careful little ears, what you hear, be careful little ears what you hear" Ooh well hello! I was just umm, ya know, singing! AnxiousWhistle  Anyway! Back for another blog post eh? *whispers to self* Hehe they just can't get enough of my posting! Dancing Banana  *coughs* Now, back on topic! So i was listening to demi lovato, i really like her singing voice, it's...

    by Maria - Comments: 11 - Views: 329
  • 20130723
    I'm sure you've read this verse, it's John 16:33, it's one of my favorites

    "I have said these things to you, that in me you may have peace. In the world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.”

    This verse is one that keeps me going in this crazy journey called life. But what does that mean, to "over come the world"? I think it means just that. Jesus conquered death! He surely did overcome the world! He did something the world never dreamed possible, rising from the dead. We to can conquer the world, our problems, and our struggles. How? Through...

    by Maria - Comments: 16 - Views: 276
  • 20130721
    Ok all, i love chatting with people and learning about them, so i want you all to reply your answers to this question, "What are 12 cool things about your self?" I'll start (:

    1. I am indeed a born again christian
    2. I can sing almost all the high notes in Phantom of the Opera songs
    3. I am the 5th child of 6
    4. I have natural high lights
    5. I am going into high school this fall
    6. I can play piano by ear AND read notes (:
    7. I crochet my own head bands
    8. I once did a back flip [it was an accident]
    9. I write my own songs
    10. I am pretty...

    by Maria - Comments: 7 - Views: 300
  • 20130717
    This is something i came up with today, it's "The Chronicles of Lizzy". Remember our dear Elisabeth, from "Matters of the Heart"? This will be her Diary, her struggles, her pain, her insecurities, her love life, everything. Look through the eyes....of Lizzy.

    My dearest Diary, well, today was an okay day. I'm just missing Austin. And guess what? Luke emailed me again, even when I told him not to. He yelled at me, not surprising. He said God "wants" us together, I can't respond, I said i won't. I just hate how he doesn't respect me. All I wanted was love, and I get this? Oh how stupid...

    by Maria - Comments: 4 - Views: 245
  • 20130715
    I'm gonna start this off with a story.There once was a girl, we'll call her Elisabeth. She dreamed of meeting a man she would love till death do them part. She then met someone, his name was Luke. Luke wasn't what Elisabeth wanted, but Luke claimed he couldn't "live without" her, so she settled for him. Elisabeth loved children, Luke did not. Luke yelled at Elisabeth all the time, while Elisabeth dreamed of marrying someone gentle. Luke was not all the attractive to poor Elisabeth. Finally, after heart break after heartbreak, the Lord told Elisabeth that was NOT the man he had for her. Luke's heart...

    by Maria - Comments: 32 - Views: 520
  • 20130629
    Ooh how my heart breaks about sooo many things. The world for one, the homosexuals?? Oh my word!! I cried like a baby last night about that even, me and one of my besties were reading articles about it, and as i read them the tears just wouldn't stop. I finally did some soul searching, and a bit of my own studying about this, we wonder why people would ever do that, and I believe i found some reasons!
    1. Attention: sure attracts our eyes, but is that good?
    2. Insecurity: They aren't secure being who they are, a girl wants to be a boy, then becomes gay, there you have it.
    3. Rejecting...

    by Maria - Comments: 3 - Views: 216
  • 20130626
    Ooh my!!! My poor blog seems to have been left alone and abandoned! Poor little dear! We must change that! (: Well, let me see, I have never felt so alive!! OOh i could dance for joy! So much has changed in my heart! First set your laptop down, go get your Bible, read Ezekiel chapter 16......you back? Good! Lets discuss! [warning, READ chapter 16 before you continue lol] This chapter says what? That we were filth! It says no one pitied us! It says we ARE sinners, say it out loud, "I am a sinner" can you say it? Can you say it with guilt? We are sinners. But!! God in his mercy and grace pitied us!...

    by Maria - Comments: 5 - Views: 224
  • 20130606
    Today I'll be doing something different, it's been on my heart for a while so, try to stay with me, k? This month is the anniversary of my two Greats Aunts Deaths. Their names were Betty and Doris, probably the closest sisters on earth, even though their age difference was huge. These sisters never married, while Betty had no desire for marriage, Doris' heart belonged to a man, but this man didn't want to wait a year to marry her, he wanted to get married, so he did, leaving poor Doris heart broken, and shattered. Sure, many man tried to win her, but her heart belonged to the man who broke it,...

    by Maria - Comments: 5 - Views: 263
  • 20130605
    Hey all! So I'm gonna try something new, I wanna write more fun things. Please comment and tell me what you think! Each day I'll take on a new identity, like today I'll be taking Wendy Darling, tomorrow, well thats a surprise! (: So enjoy!

    Oh why hello there! My name is Wendy Darling. Why am I sitting by my window you ask? Well, I'll tell you why. Have a seat! Not that long ago, at least a month ago, I had the most exciting journey, Peter Pan showed up and took my brothers and I to Never Land! Oh how delightful it was! I got to be the lost boys' Mother! There were beautiful mermaids...

    by Maria - Comments: 2 - Views: 215
  • 20130601
    Ok, i'm finally back! So this is part 2 of part one "the craving", before you start this, I want you to get out a note book, a pen, [pr pencil!] and a bible. We already get it, we have a craving and we think that guys will fill, but guys cant truly fill it, but only God. But how do we get lost? That's what we'll be working on today. You have probably heard of Katy Perry, right? [Duh I'd hope so!] Yeah, that girl who writes trashy songs? Remember back when she got married? She was married for 14 months to some guy named Russell Brand. What was the problem? They "fell" in love right? Hahahahaha nope....

    by Maria - Comments: 2 - Views: 238
  • 20130523
    Ok, lets really break this down ladies. Last time we discussed our guy craving. But actually, did you know when you crave something, you are lacking nourishment and you cant stop that craving unless you truly fill it? It's true, you may be like "Duh, i know that, I crave sweets, so I'll go fill that crave with sweets." Na uh!! When you crave sweets, you body is crying out for calcium. When you crave guys, your heart is actually craving God. Simple as 1 2 3. So, how do you get this craving filled? Well, I'll do my best to tell you, i didn't make this up, I read it in a called "Get lost", By Dannah...

    by Maria - Comments: 1 - Views: 226

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