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  • 20131006
    It's so hard to believe it but we are already celebrating another birthday. We've had our ups and downs over the years but through it all you guys have stuck by us through thick and thin and I thank you all so much. We will have a few different events throughout the week. One example would be some live chats. A few of us have some other things we will be doing that you won't want to miss.

    *passses slices of cake out to everyone*

    PARTAY! :birthday: :disco: :party:

    by Bren - Comments: 9 - Views: 502
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  • 20130216
    Dear Super Secret Online Diary,

    I thought I'd show you some pictures of clothes I'd love to wear if only I could find them... for some reason, they're just not at any of the local stores. And I hate ordering online. It's so confusing, trying to click all the right things... Those boxes they arrive in are so tempting to make a project with, like a time machine and then I'm lost in last week... or cut it into hearts and wear it as a necklace and then people think I'm a hobo... or make mugs with them even though I know they won't work so well... You know, not that I've ever done any of...

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 11 - Views: 702
  • 20130116
    Pound Foolish take an in depth look at some flaws (and some of the big upsides) in Home Again
    Now Jason's back... he can marry
    Connie! Yay! At last.
    Had you going, didn't I? Sorry, but there are various reasons the Jason and
    Connie mix won’t ever work. I may make an article on that later, but moving on…

    It’s so wonderful to have Jason
    back. One question though: why? No, that’s not to say “why did the writers decide
    to return him to Odyssey?” Returning Jason home was the best choice. But stop
    and think for a moment… why did he come back to stay? Why does he abandon “The
    Agency”? Because, “…that case in England… it undid me. ...More than...

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 4 - Views: 347
  • 20121206
    an Emily loving Tutu Wearing Goof's farewell To a Texan Country Girl
    We all know, my very dear friend, Suzy, recently left the online AIO message board community. The day she left, I posted this on ERK, one of her very favorite topics.

    As we all know, our Vice-President, for reasons not quite specified, has
    had to resign from the SS. In her honor, the Emily war has been put off
    for today. As you probably can see from the slight changes to my
    signature... Pound Foolish's Blog Wink
    and I started this war, together. Back when we barely knew each other.
    It was one...

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 7 - Views: 409
  • 20121206
    Emily gives her take on the coming holiday with her casually eloquent and funny narration
    It’s Christmastime in Odyssey, and
    all those things Christmas songs remind us of over and over are happening. Jack
    Frost nipping at the nose, lights all aglow, jingle bells swing and jingle
    bells ring, rocking around the Christmas tree, and, of course, Mom and Dad can
    hardly wait for school to start again. But I’m reliably certain my Mom’s never kissed Santa Clause.

    And, in Odyssey, it will indeed, as
    always, be one of those “white Christmases” Bill Cosby dreams of. And,
    hopefully, a Holly Jolly Christmas as Burl Ives promises.

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 1 - Views: 334
  • 20121119
    I'm back! Come over for a special Pound-Foolish-Look at the finalists and winner, and a hint at the next post!
    I've done that cruel thing every blogger does at some point:
    I've neglected my poor, dear little readers. Indeed, with we students deep into
    scholarly horrors, only real devotees to the AIO blogging community are still
    up and at it with any regularity. It's been some time since The Old Judge
    launched an update on what's going on with the blogs and podcasts, presumably
    because there'd be relatively little to talk about:
    "Hello, guys! It's The Old Judge, aren't you all glad I'm back? Well,
    there are three or four new posts to read out there.... here's the links......

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 5 - Views: 349
  • 20121021
    Barrett writes Cindy about some recent events in Odyssey
    Hi, Cindy
    Odyssey has been crazy as ever. My sister, Emily, has been doing a bunch of soul-searching. Which basically means she's her mystery-addicted, clue gathering self on second, and sad and droopy the next. She went on this Imagination Station adventure, and she seems to feel better. I loved the Imagination Station adventure I went on with you. Well, apart from the part when John Wilkes Booth's goons seemed to think I was a spy and tried to shoot me...
    Priscilla is out to get me lately. Jay's fault. I gave her a box of candy with a note. The note said:
    I treasure thee

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 3 - Views: 337
  • 20121002
    Emily Jones Talks About Som Recent Events in Odyssey, and her Problems with Buck
    Hi all! Before I begin, I want to say, real quick, the point of my review of Happy Hunting WASN'T trying to show one SHOULD focus on searching for happiness. It was just a celebration of Penny's character and how it played out and was effected in the episode.
    Alright. A few weeks ago, I made a topic on SS called Character Diaries, where I wrote about some made up and some "real" AIO events from a character's point of view. Aaron Wiley pointed out it would make a fun blog feature. So, now it is. Here is the first of my blog's Character Diaries. It takes place shortly before the first "Character...

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 5 - Views: 502
  • 20120923
    Today, I will be reviewing Happy Hunting.
    The American Constitution originally read… “…that he is endowed with certain inalienable rights… among these are… life, liberty, and property.”
    (Emphasis added.)
    In the constitution, the word property can be seen crossed out, and replaced “the pursuit of happiness.”
    Our Founding Fathers, we can assume, recognized property lacked the grandeur and importance of the other two things on the list, that ownership simply wasn’t one of the greatest things in life. So, they went farther, and showed replaced “property” with that beautiful...

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 4 - Views: 313
  • 20120831
    Recently, I sent Bryce, that is, CreativeThinker101, “Alex”, a message asking what my next Pound Foolish Wisdom should be on, with a list of the characters I had in mind to analyze:
    ”Here are some ideas for the next Pound Foolish Wisdom:

    Dr. Blackgaard

    He replied:
    “Those are quite good ideas. However, I think I'll narrow it down a bit if you don't mind…”
    He had indeed narrowed it down… to just three options.
    Dr. Blackgaard

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 1 - Views: 332
  • 20120825
    Announcing the infamous Pound Foolish! The Old Judge convinced me to finally start a blog. This is part of Campbell County technically, I know. But this is mainly an experiment. I’ll make a few posts here, for a month or so, and, eventually, I may have my own blog on my own site!
    I’m kicking things off with a look at E.R.K.
    Recently, CreativeThinker101 made a topic called “The Soda Shop News” in the Bulletin Board on SS. Like all his articles, it made one laugh and feel entertained.
    Emily has become, perhaps, the central topic on SS, coming up in every single forum. It’s just plain...

    by Pound Foolish - Comments: 5 - Views: 401

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