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How to Play Odyssey Gallows - LIVE!

How to play!

Above the chatbox, there will be a puzzle shown with blanks that represent letters in a particular word or phrase that fits the current category. Any user in the chatbox may guess a letter that may be in the puzzle. If the letter that was guessed is in the puzzle, it will be shown in the puzzle. If it isn't in the puzzle, the letter will be show in the right sidebar under "Incorrect Letters".

At any time, users may try to solve the puzzle by stating what they think the puzzle says. If you are correct, you will earn one point and a new puzzle will be shown. You can keep track of your score in the right hand sidebar.

Sometimes there will be bonus puzzles shown. These puzzle may be worth more than one point if solved. Many of the bonus puzzles may have special instructions, which will be shown beside the puzzle.

Additional Rules

Here are some rules that all users that participate must follow.

  • • You may not guess two letters in a row. You must wait for another user to guess before you can guess again.
  • • If you guess the complete puzzle and are incorrect, you cannot guess anymore letters or complete phrases until the next puzzle starts
  • • The gamemaster may throw out a puzzle if it seems unfair or something is wrong with it.
  • • You are permitted to use any resource of your choice to search for possible answers.

Where to Play

To play Odyssey Gallows - LIVE!, you must be on the LIVE game page. Click here to go there now!