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Campbell County: The Official Guide

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Money – er, Seashells

Some message boards have what they call a points system or virtual money. The seashell is the currency around here. For every post you make you get 1 seashell, and for every topic started, you will receive 3 seashells. Money can be used on things in the site shop, on user made items in The Electric Palace section (Such as sigs and avatars). Please Note: CC currency is not the same as real money, and cannot be converted into real money. It's just virtual money only used around Campbell County. In order to make a transaction, please PM Sko with the amount you wish to pay and who you are giving it to.

User groups and Blogs

On Campbell County, as well as many other forums, users are categorized into groups called, you guessed it, “usergroups”. Some usergroups give members special username colors, such as Admins (who have red usernames), and Technicians (who have blue usernames). Most usergroups, however, simply give you access to different categories on CC. For example, you have to be in the “Guys Club” usergroup to get access to the Guy’s Club category.

There are quite a few usergroups on CC, here’s a list of ones you can request to join:

  • Girl’s Group (girls only)
  • Guys Club (guys only)
  • Tech Nerds and Gamers Club
  • CC Debate Team
  • Sports Fanatic Central
  • Kitchen Nerds
  • The Artìstes
  • Eleanor’s Soda Fountian

Usergroups are also commonly used to administrate CC Blogs. On Campbell County, you can open a blog if you have enough seashells. To make sure that you’re the only person who can post in your blog, you get a usergroup for your blog.

Blogs cost 50 seashells a month. If you can’t pay, your blog will be archived, and you’ll have to pay a fee to get it back. To apply for a blog, contact KF.

Special Events

From time to time you might see a board wide game or a special section to celebrate something like Christmas. These are called special events. Since just posting can be boring after while, these are designed to make things a little more fun.

Help center
Pages of guide: 1 | 2 | 3