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Get in the Show: Pound Foolish's Take

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Get in the Show: Pound Foolish's Take Empty Get in the Show: Pound Foolish's Take

I've done that cruel thing every blogger does at some point:
I've neglected my poor, dear little readers. Indeed, with we students deep into
scholarly horrors, only real devotees to the AIO blogging community are still
up and at it with any regularity. It's been some time since The Old Judge
launched an update on what's going on with the blogs and podcasts, presumably
because there'd be relatively little to talk about:
"Hello, guys! It's The Old Judge, aren't you all glad I'm back? Well,
there are three or four new posts to read out there.... here's the links... and
yeah.... that's about all.... bye! Wasn't that great?"

Campbell County Connection has shut down shop, temporarily
(I really hope) as has one the best and newest, Odyssey Thoughts. Wahh!
All the same, Mr. Thinker and Josh & Ally really deserve a shout out for
how amazingly dedicated they've remained. Mr. Thinker, as I and Suzy call
Creative Thinker 101, (Alex) has launched some of his most entertaining and
well written work ever, including a particularly unique and worth-reading
article about AIO's music. Josh and Ally worked their absolute magic to make
some marvelous stuff. My highest recommendation is a look at and judgment of
all the Get in the Show finalists. Oh, and on the bright side, as The Old Judge
pointed out in his habitually hugely informative last post, there are some
brand new blogs, including an excellent, innovative, and creative baby focusing
on AIO art: . I’d post links to all these, but ahhh…. Darn ol’ CC would just
make it into one of those “only administrators can see this link” things.

Alrighty. To make up for my long absence just a little, there’s
a diary entry from everyone’s favorite new character, Emily, coming up. (Hey,
T.S., why no enthusiasm?)

And, meanwhile, here’s yours truly’s experience with the Get
in the Show drama:

Late in the morning,
it hit me that the day and hour meant something. I was missing Get in the Show!
Hurriedly, a scrambled onto my laptop and popped into Whit’s End.org.

My brother had to go
on a bike ride, but my other siblings made came running, just in time for the
second half of Annaliese’ performance. She shined in a wise-alecky, complaining
role that seemed made for her and her delightful near snottiness. Annaliese…

Was as professional and reigned over the scene just as in
her video. She charmed, delighted, fascinated me. While watching, I decided to
grade all the actors on certain aspects.



Very lively, somewhat over-the-top, and brings her lines to

Pathos (how she
handles sad scenes and draws sympathy)


I truly felt sorry for Annaliese, her tones and drama
convinced me

Credibility (making
me believe in the character)


Annaliese disappeared into her character, and her animated
flourishes brought the character to life

Then came my personal
favorite, Anya. Wild enthusiasm thrilled me as we watched her video introducing
herself. Anya impressed me in her demo video as a genius. Her graceful handling
of the wording of both the “gum script” and “tithing script”, while switching
back and forth between
both the
roles, AND doing her much-praised different accents, astonished me. AIO lovers
flooded the podcast comments page with screams of delight for Anya. I couldn’t
resist joining them, even changing my user name there to “Anyafan.” Now, as
they announced her, I leaned forward, hoping not to be forced by this critical
appearance to revise my opinion….

Anya popped on, all smiles and seeming relaxation. She
calmly answered Diane’s questions and sat. She proceeded to act restrainedly,
but putting comparatively more pep in her voice than in her demo video, even
strategically choosing a funny moments and particularly sympathetic moments to
overact. I loved every minute, and grinned, knowing her to still be my


She acted mainly spot on with the humor, but with limited
energy seemed inappropriate to the character, making her humor just not quite
perfect in places. Overall, a score of…


Pathos (how she
handles sad scenes and draws sympathy)

Anya is obviously born to make people weep for her, an
essential, when so many of the problems AIO face can seem fairly trivial
without appropriate acting.


Credibility (making
me believe in the character)

One absolutely believes in the character when Anya acts, no
question. There were moments toward the end she seemed to lose the drive and
charm that made the character real for most of her acting, but not much to
speak of.

However… Shona had not
had her turn yet. Shona popped in, visibly nervous but pretty and winsome as
ever. My sister mentioned with amusement
“All of them overdid their hair!” Indeed, every single one of them had their hair
very done over, inevitably. In any case,
Shona was clearly shorn of the confidence and wit she exuded in her demo video.
She answered Diane’s questions with blah remarks, giggling nervously. Then she
sat down….

In her performance, she went for more drama, silliness, and
a higher, somewhat more cartoony voice than her demo. She made it work.



Definitely jerked some fair-sized laughs.



Shona managed some very convincing, honest sounding,
endearing manipulation of the sad lines.


Shona never quite made her character real. She came close.
Yet, though she lightly danced with her lines, inflicted them with fun and
color, she seemed less real than Anya or Annaliese. She simply seemed a little
forced. All the same, one could easily become lost in her energetic, bubbly delivery.


Overall, Anya deserved the title. She made herself a the
queen of the event with assured, frank acting and easy, drawing voice. My
siblings believed Annaliese deserved the win. However, the other voters thought
differently than all of us. In any case, it was a two hours of overwhelming
talent, as was only to be expected. Congratulations to Shona, and we look
forward to hearing you in 57.

As I said, coming up
next, a piece from Emily. I know we’ll ALL enjoy it.

In closing, here’s a real piece of dialogue from when Katie
Leigh, Zach Callison, and Andre Stojka were being interviewed. Katie Leigh
mentioned she really loved the food around the job at Focus…

My sister said: “Yes, especially food courts.”

Little brother said: “They’re like a library of food.”

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Get in the Show: Pound Foolish's Take :: Comments


Post on 21st November 2012, 8:37 am by The Old Judge

Good job, Pound Foolish! Wonderful! Sadly, along with neglecting my site, I missed Get in the Show as well. Oh, we'll. Hopefully, I'll be back soon!

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Post on 21st November 2012, 11:30 pm by T.S. (myself)

So, to prove I did indeed read this, even though I can't give you something more substantial right now:

Excellent summary. I haven't been following Get in the Show, so this was extremely helpful for me.
Thank you!

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Post on 22nd November 2012, 1:34 pm by Maria

GOOD JOB, PF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Post on 25th November 2012, 11:07 pm by Samansa14

This is really great, PF! Very Happy

I also believe that Anya should have won. However, I am EXTREMELY happy for Shona. Smile

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Post on 26th November 2012, 5:59 pm by CreativeThinker101

Great post, PF! I sadly missed Get In the Show! as well, so it was nice to hear about it here! Very Happy I'm surprised Shona won, as from the demo videos, Annalise and Anya seemed to best her in nearly every category. However, I am still very happy for her and am confident she shall do well with her cameo in 57. Thanks for the shoutout to me and Josh and Ally, and I am looking forward to Emily's latest fascinating ramblings...

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