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The Untold Story: Jenny Whittaker (Whit's Granddaughter)

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The Untold Story: Jenny Whittaker (Whit's Granddaughter) Empty The Untold Story: Jenny Whittaker (Whit's Granddaughter)

Post by Jason on 4th December 2012, 10:26 pm

In the GRC we hear of Monty but what about Jenny? From The Reluctant Rival we know that she's very caring, and puts others first even when it means personal loss. We also know from ice fishing and the reluctant rival that she's smart and talented and is great at just about everything she tries.

So what becomes of her? My speculation:

Jenny grows up, and graduates high school and college early. She keeps in touch with both her grandfather and Eugene because both are people who have inspired her in her studies and life in general. She goes on to travel to exotic and wild places to learn more about the environment and life in general. During a trip to Spain, while doing study on human emotion she came across an emotion that was relatively new to her; Love. She meets a man who steals her heart, but she becomes confused. What does love really look like outside family? She grows closer to him and something becomes painfully clear. This guy loved her with the kind of love that her grandfather does. That unconditional love that comes from loving and knowing Christ. After some in depth conversations about this she realizes that her faith hadn't been as important to her in recent years as it should have been. She made the decision to renew her relationship with Christ, and then she married the guy. She later wrote a book entitled; How God Used Spain to Steal and Renew my Heart.

What are your thoughts on what could happen to Jenny?


The Untold Story: Jenny Whittaker (Whit's Granddaughter) Jasonsig

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The Untold Story: Jenny Whittaker (Whit's Granddaughter) Empty Re: The Untold Story: Jenny Whittaker (Whit's Granddaughter)

Post by RyanCummings on 4th December 2012, 10:39 pm

Well, we know that she played piano and violin as a child, and was very good at both. I suggest that during her years of middle school and high school, she probably performed in the school orchestra, and most likely traveled to other orchestra performances. She then grew up to perform at Carnegie Hall, and then found her calling as a violin/piano teacher.

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