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Get over yourself!

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Get over yourself! Empty Get over yourself!

For soooo long I've had such a hard time with self esteem. I hated the way I looked, the way my personality was, i hated it all. I've heard compliments, and I've heard insults. "You're annoying! You're ugly! You're a liar! You're a mistake!" Yep, I've heard em all....for so long I searched for attention. Most likely, I'd go to boys, "Yes," I would think to myself, "They'll fulfill me!" hahahaha i laugh at myself when I now think about it. Going to boys to fulfill my thirsty soul, how lame! I was empty, I was hurting, I was longing,and I wasn't being satisfied. Last year, I almost committed suicide, I was that desperate.....till this year. I had something very bad happen to me, which I would rather not say, but I was used by a guy.(As some of you already know) That did it. I finally couldn't do it, my life was a mess. I wanted to live for something greater. Hmm but there was a problem, I was trying to live FOR myself. "MY desires need to be filled," "I need a boy to like ME," "I want to be pretty so I'LL be secure,"  "I want to be skinnier so I'LL be happy." It was all ME, MYSELF and I. Before you can truly follow Christ, you most do one thing, deny YOURSELF and submit to HIM. Instead of saying ME centered things, you should be saying "I want to be kind to that friendless girl so I can tell HER  about JESUS", "I want to babysit that single mom's kids so I may spread GOD'S love to HER family," "I want to mow my old neighbors lawn so that I may be kind to HIM for CHRIST'S sake." When you deny yourself, you can take up your cross and follow hard after Christ. In this life you have to live for something, whether it's yourself, your friends, the world, whatever. What you SHOULD be living for is Christ, but that's a decision you must make. I'm gonna say it the way I heard it, "Get over yourself!" I'm pretty tired of living a me centered life, so I'm not anymore. I'm ready to stand up the world that says "Love yourself" to laugh and say "I'm to busy loving Jesus to love myself!". Put away that ME and MYSELF business, it's time to deny yourself, and live for Jesus. Are you ready to do that? Are you willing to deny your own self and live a Christ centered life?

"Girl, you are beautiful! So smile! Because someone might be falling in love with it!" <3
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Get over yourself! :: Comments


Post on 31st August 2013, 6:44 pm by Sko

Very good post. It's amazing how changing the subject of your sentence can take it a whole new direction- a direction for God.

"Get over yourself" needs to be a T-Shirt, by the way. Smile

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Post on 31st August 2013, 9:16 pm by Maria

I know! I can't believe how long I've lived a "me" centered life!

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Post on 31st August 2013, 9:23 pm by Sunshine

You're learning something thatis REALLY misunderstood even in our Christian culture today.

And I completely agree with Sko - that sentence needs a t-shirt.  I can visualize it in my head:

Front of t-shirt:
Get over

Back of t-shirt:
"If anyone wishes to 
come after Me, 

he must deny himself, 
and take up his cross
and follow Me."
-Jesus Christ
Matthew 6:24

I've always wanted to know how t-shirt transfers work.  Maybe once I earn enough money, I'll make that t-shirt.  If so, I'll post a picture of it.  Wink

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Post on 31st August 2013, 9:26 pm by Maria

Praise be to God for that. I know, it's sad.... :( Ooh lala! I totally wanna make it a shirt too!

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Post on 4th September 2013, 9:23 pm by Renae

I was so shocked when I saw the title of this blog post! affraid 

At school, when someone is being selfish...or just plain dumb you will always hear someone yell out "AWWW GET OVER YOURSELF." Its so known in our Romanian community...I almost flipped when I saw this, like, "which Romo got a CC account?!"

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Post on 6th September 2013, 9:48 pm by Sunshine

Renae, then maybe a t-shirt wouldn't be such a good idea?  x)

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Post on 7th September 2013, 9:30 am by Thor's Hammer

Hey I would love that shirt. Get me one please?

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Post on 7th September 2013, 1:04 pm by Sunshine

Haha.  How much would it cost to ship it to you?  Wink

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