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Fanfiction Empty Fanfiction

Post by Samansa14 on 20th September 2013, 4:04 pm

Totally didn't know where to put this. So, whatever.

Anyone here a fan of fan fiction? On anything and everything. It doesn't matter. I, myself, love it to death. Just like fan art, it's a chance to put a twist of your imagination on your favorite characters within their world. (Or, alternate universes, which I happen to be writing a Kingdom Hearts one of right now.) 

So, what about you guys?

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Fanfiction Empty Re: Fanfiction

Post by Sko on 20th September 2013, 5:34 pm

I very much enjoy fan fiction, when it's done right. I've even written some based on a favorite video game of mine.

Fan fiction works best, in my opinion, in the grey areas of the plot. Places that could use some speculation. There's always a place where fans will want more, and they can give themselves more if they want it.

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