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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Empty Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

Post by IrishTiger on 8th October 2013, 7:56 pm

[15:02:46] Messages cleared by Bren

[15:03:00] Metal15 : Welcome, Phil.

[15:03:02] @ Bren : Welcome to the CC chat Phil.

[15:03:20] Phil L. : Thanks! Good to be here!

[15:03:27] @ Bren : We appreciate you taking some time out of your busy schedule to join us

[15:03:28] God's Girl : Ello, Mr. Lollar.

[15:03:29] Woody : Philedelphia!

[15:03:41] @ Jesusfreak97 : Hello, Phil. Welcome to the CC ^_^

[15:03:43] Phil L. : Congratulations on four years!

[15:03:58] Phil L. : Hi everyone!

[15:04:06] Woody : Dost thou remember me?

[15:04:19] @ Bren : Thank you. I couldn't have done it without the help of all the members

[15:04:22] Phil L. : Possibly...

[15:05:01] Woody : I was there for the ToO Chat interview =]

[15:05:11] @ Bren : I am sure the others have some questions but I'll start us off. What is the latest on Iliad House?

[15:05:18] Phil L. : Sure!

[15:05:43] God's Girl : I must, away, sadly. :(

[15:05:46] God's Girl has logged off the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:05 pm : Farewell


[15:06:06] Woody : From this chatbox they say- She's gone =P

[15:06:36] Phil L. : We have completed our Kickstarter campaign, and have reached our initial and first stretch goals. So we are now funded to make at least 6 episodes

[15:06:57] @ Samantha14 : Hello! *Just got back*

[15:07:06] Metal15 : shweet

[15:07:07] Woody : =P

[15:07:09] Metal15 : XD

[15:07:11] CD333 : thats good

[15:07:19] NarniaQA Guy joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:07 pm

[15:07:21] @ Samantha14 : Awesome! Congratulations. Smile

[15:07:43] NarniaQA Guy : That is awesome! @Phil L.

[15:08:07] Phil L. : So I am in the process of polishing the scripts for the first four episodes, and will be casting, recording and producing during the next several weeks! Very Happy

[15:08:30] NarniaQA Guy : Thats awesome.

[15:08:36] Metal15 : kewl

[15:08:37] God's Girl joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:08 pm

[15:08:50] Phil L. : I am very excited and want to tank all of you for your support!

[15:08:52] NarniaQA Guy : (sorry, I stepped in and read the archives.)

[15:08:54] Phil L. : thanks

[15:08:56] NarniaQA Guy : Hey GG!

[15:09:11] Metal15 : Then I say thanx for your thanks! Very Happy

[15:09:21] Phil L. : :-)

[15:09:31] NarniaQA Guy : Lol...

[15:09:51] @ Bren : I have to say, the more I learn about the show, the more interested I become

[15:10:01] Jason joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:10 pm

[15:10:02] Phil L. : The first episode is scheduled to be released by the beginning of December, so it is a very busy time, to say the least!

[15:10:18] NarniaQA Guy : Hey, @Phil L., I told Samantha14 that I'd ask you if you like pm, do you? (yes, its random...)

[15:10:26] NarniaQA Guy : Thats awesome! Smile

[15:10:40] Woody : You have a PM, Phil L.

[15:11:15] NarniaQA Guy : Tongue out

[15:11:26] Phil L. : Our budget is the stringiest of shoestrings right now, so I am basically wearing most of the hats.

[15:11:51] Metal15 : how many hats is that?

[15:11:54] Woody : Do you have a sombrero in your collection?

[15:12:21] God's Girl : xD

[15:12:49] @ Bren : That's a lot sooner that I expected. Though it'll be good to have something geared to the older audience out there for the teens

[15:12:55] Phil L. : Writer, director, producer, executive producer, post-production, actor.

[15:13:08] Metal15 : whoa

[15:13:18] Metal15 : lota hats right there...

[15:13:22] Woody : Oooh, Dale Jacobs is in the series? =P

[15:13:27] Jason : So it's gonna be geared for the older age group?

[15:13:35] Jason : O.O

[15:13:36] Metal15 : Do you find time to sleep? :O

[15:13:45] Phil L. : Yeh, I may have to add doctor and psychiatrist to the mix...

[15:14:00] Phil L. : No Dale Jacobs.

[15:14:09] Woody : =[

[15:14:15] Phil L. : Just a guy who sounds a lot like him.

[15:14:19] Woody : Heh

[15:14:21] Metal15 : XD

[15:14:28] Woody : His brother? Wink

[15:14:39] Phil L. : Any actors out there?

[15:14:49] Woody : SAM!

[15:14:56] Metal15 : not I.

[15:15:46] Metal15 : Woody is.

[15:15:48] @ Jesusfreak97 : I used to be in our Drama team at Church. Smile

[15:15:56] @ Jesusfreak97 : Lol Metal.

[15:16:00] Woody : I am? @Metal

[15:16:06] Metal15 : Yes. O_O

[15:16:15] Woody : =o

[15:16:26] @ Samantha14 : I'm not an actress, as much as I would like to be.

[15:16:26] Woody : You know more about me than I do!

[15:16:40] Metal15 : Kewl. XD

[15:16:43] @ Bren : I did many church plays but when it comes to doing a script for radio, I never mastored the art of it not sounding read

[15:17:12] Woody : What character do you play, if I may ask?

[15:17:13] Jason : I've done some musicals but it's been a few years.

[15:17:30] Woody : Same here @Jason

[15:17:35] Phil L. : I do hope you all will like the series. It is geared towards an older demographic, though some of you may think that it may not sound older than what happens on AIO.

[15:18:14] Phil L. : I play the Narrator.

[15:18:27] Metal15 : Nice

[15:18:35] Metal15 : Narrators rock.

[15:18:45] Jason : Yes

[15:18:54] Phil L. : They can, if their narration is written well.

[15:18:59] Woody : Oh. I knew that >_>

[15:19:04] Woody : Silly me =P

[15:19:15] @ Bren : Your deep voice fits that role, especially in this case

[15:19:19] Woody : I heard you in the preview Wink

[15:19:22] Phil L. : I also play a variety of other roles. Smile

[15:20:13] Woody : May I take a guess at who Katie Leigh plays?

[15:20:30] @ Bren : What are some ways we as fans can help you guys?

[15:20:57] Phil L. : It has been a lot of fun. It is also testing the technology, in that I am using actors from all over the country, recording in their home studios.

[15:20:57] Eugene joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:20 pm

[15:21:50] Phil L. : You can hep by spreading the word about the series! Build excitement! Send folks to our Face Book page and follow us on Twitter.

[15:22:07] Metal15 : And prayer would probably help a tad, too. Very Happy

[15:22:20] Jason : What is the biggest challenge you've faced as a writer?

[15:22:40] @ Eugene : Oh, good question.

[15:22:50] Phil L. : We are trying to do this independently, and the only way that can happen is by building a large fan base.

[15:23:29] Phil L. : There is no single biggest challenge, really -- the challenges happen as you write.

[15:23:55] Phil L. : And it is different depending on what you are writing.

[15:24:07] @ Jesusfreak97 : I'm trying to write a childrens book, but I don't have the inspration i need though.. Where do you get you're inspirations? Mr. Phil

[15:24:34] Phil L. : Sometimes, it is simply getting started. Other times it is finishing. Other times it is building action.

[15:25:06] Phil L. : I get inspiration in lots of different places.

[15:25:16] Phil L. : But I try not to rely on it.

[15:25:35] Woody : Is Katie Leigh the Butler? Her voice sounds robotic in the preview.

[15:25:41] Phil L. : Writing is work. Fun work, most of the time, buut it is work, nonetheless.

[15:25:55] Phil L. : You have to do it whether you are inspired or not.

[15:26:02] @ Bren : If someone is looking to improve on their script writing skills, what kind of advice would you give them?

[15:26:12] Phil L. : She is not the Butler. She is also not human.

[15:26:25] Phil L. : Her character, that is.

[15:26:33] Woody : xD

[15:26:47] Phil L. : The best way to improve your writing skills is...

[15:26:56] Phil L. : Are you ready?

[15:27:05] Metal15 : Yes. O_O

[15:27:10] Phil L. : Here it comes...

[15:27:16] Woody : WRITE

[15:27:16] Metal15 : *Is on the edge of his seat*

[15:27:30] Woody : Beat ya to it =P

[15:27:38] Phil L. : You must, must, MUST...

[15:27:46] @ Eugene : Yes?

[15:27:48] Metal15 : !!!

[15:27:49] Phil L. : Write.

[15:27:59] Phil L. : Write, write, write.

15:28:12] Metal15 : o_o

[15:28:15] Metal15 : Roger that.

[15:28:32] Phil L. : You can go to lectures and seminary and tutoring sessions -- and they are all fine to go to, don't get me wrong.

[15:28:33] Jason : I like that.

[15:28:51] Phil L. : But the only to get better at anything is to do a LOT of it.

[15:29:16] Phil L. : The great thing about writing is it is east to do a lot of.

[15:29:39] Phil L. : You don't need any special equipment or training, at first.

[15:29:50] @ Eugene : I know from experience that just jumping in and doing something over and over again is the best way to get better at it. Of course nobody starts out "perfect".

[15:29:55] Phil L. : You just need to get a pencil and a piece of paper and start.

[15:30:08] Metal15 : *Makes mental note*

[15:30:17] Phil L. : Or in the case of everyone on this chat, a computer.

[15:30:55] Phil L. : It can be daunting, no doubt. But you one thing is absolutely certain...

[15:30:58] Woody : I finished my book!

[15:31:23] Phil L. : You will never get better at it if you don't write.

[15:31:28] Jason : Cool.

[15:31:31] Phil L. : Good for you, Woody!

[15:31:41] @ Eugene : Mr. Lollar. I know that Iliad House is a big project for you, but last year you mentioned doing a podcast that I believe you called "the fort blanket revue". Has that idea been set aside for now?

[15:31:49] Woody : True. Very true.

[15:32:22] Woody : @ never getting better at it if you don't write

[15:32:24] Phil L. : No sir! In fact, Fort Blanket Revue is something I also wanted to mention to you all.

[15:32:36] @ Eugene : Really!?

[5:33:21] Phil L. : Katie Leigh will be here on Friday to talk with you. We've been discussing the possibility of doing liver performances of FBR around the country. Would that be of interest to you all?

[15:33:45] Phil L. : live, not liver Yeesh!

[15:33:48] Metal15 : "liver performances" XDXDXD

[15:33:51] Woody : Ooooh

[15:34:17] * Woody would be very interested to see performing livers xD

[15:34:31] KF joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:34 pm

[15:34:43] @ Eugene : Yes! Only one problem... I'm in Canada and can't easily get down to the states since I live in the harsh North. Tongue out

[15:34:56] Woody : KAYEFF?

[15:35:12] Phil L. : What if we did a live performance on the Internet?

[15:35:36] @ Bren : That'd be awesome!

[15:35:37] KF : laaaarry boy

[15:35:38] @ Eugene : That would be amazing!

[15:35:44] KF : That would be awesome

[15:35:53] Metal15 : That would be killer.

[15:35:59] Jason : That'd be sweet!

[15:36:01] @ Jesusfreak97 : Mr. Phil.. What advice would you give to young writers who want to write a book?

[15:36:18] @ Eugene : So, would this be more of a live show and not a podcast anymore?

[15:36:19] @ Jesusfreak97 : Live Performance would be totally awesane!

[15:36:19] Phil L. : Do you think folks would spend $5 to see it?

[15:36:46] Phil L. : No, no, we're still doing the podcast. This would be a special event.

[15:36:53] @ Eugene : I'd be willing to part with 5 of my dollars, yes.

[15:37:17] @ Eugene : Oh, well then, that's even better!

[15:37:20] Woody : I would most definitely give you 500 pennies

[15:37:55] Phil L. : JF97, the same advice holds for book writers as for scriptwriters -- write, write, write!

[15:37:57] @ Jesusfreak97 : Most definitely!

[15:38:07] Phil L. : Do you have a story in mind?

[15:39:24] @ Jesusfreak97 : Well I have what I want the book about, but not an actual story, Mr. Phil

[15:39:24] @ Samantha14 : I'm working on NaNo plotting still.

[15:39:29] Woody : I realize you're super busy with Iliad House and all, but I was just wondering... Did you ever get a chance to read a few chapters of my book?

[15:39:35] Jason : When is that?

[15:39:56] @ Samantha14 : November.

[15:40:01] Phil L. : Woody - not yet! Sorry! Jason - When is what?

[15:40:23] @ Samantha14 : NaNoWriMo

[15:40:45] Phil L. : Okay, JF97, so is your book fiction or non-fiction?

[15:41:01] Jason : Sorry, I forgot Nanowrimo is in november.

[15:41:47] @ Bren : For those who never had a chance to meet them, do you have any special memories of Hal Smith and Walker Edmison?

[15:41:59] Phil L. : What is nanowrimo?

[15:42:29] @ Samantha14 : National Novel Writers Month

[15:42:31] Phil L. : I think about both of them every day, Bren. They were very funny, amazingly talented, and extremely nice men.

[15:42:37] IrishTiger joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:42 pm

[15:42:43] @ Samantha14 : It's a novel writing contest

[15:43:07] Metal15 : Hal Smith and Walker Edmison were so awesome.

[15:43:09] Phil L. : Ah!

[15:43:36] @ Eugene : Yeah, and I believe it stands for "National Novel Writers' Month"...

[15:43:46] Phil L. : They were. They came from a different time in the business, and that is what made them so great.

[15:44:03] @ Eugene : Yes, Hal and Walker brought something very special to Odyssey.

[15:44:04] @ Bren : Wasn't there a story about your birthday that involved them?

[15:44:20] @ Jesusfreak97 : Well Mr. Phil I want to write a book that is fiction..yet is Christian based.. you know like Narnia..sorta. The other book I also want to write is Fiction as well.

[15:45:00] NarniaQA Guy joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:45 pm

[15:45:22] Stella C joined the chat on Mon Oct 07, 2013 3:45 pm

[15:45:28] Phil L. : Yeah -- the brief version is that my wife threw a surprise birthday party for me, and when I came in, Hal and Walker and Will and Katie and Parley Baer and Dave Madden and all of our regulars came to it!

[15:45:49] Phil L. : They considered me to be their friend.

[15:45:53] Phil L. : I was very honored.

[15:46:26] Phil L. : JF97, is your book a fantasy or based in reality?
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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Empty Re: Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

Post by IrishTiger on 8th October 2013, 8:13 pm

16:47:23]God’s Girl joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct – 16:47
16:48:53] @IrishTiger: Mr Phil, who is you favorite AIP character?
16:49:00] @ IrishTiger : *AIO
16:50:45] KF has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 16:50 (session timeout)
16:51:07] Phil L. : I have several favorites, but no one above all others. I do have a least favorite, though. Smile
16:51:21] @ IrishTiger : And who would that be? And why?
16:51:27] Woody : Who?
16:52:35] Phil L. : I won't tell you who, but the why is that the character doesn't really fit with AIO, IMO.
16:52:54] @ Jesusfreak97 : Mr.Phil.. Not sure how to explain it. But I want one of the books to have a Christian message for kids.
16:53:13] @ Eugene : You can't say that and not give us the name, Mr. Lollar.
16:53:19] @ IrishTiger : Is this character one of the newer ones?
16:54:07] Phil L. : JF97, that's fine, and it will happen because you are a Christian and Christianity will guide whatever you write. But you need to work on the specifics of your story. Who is your main character?
16:54:45] Phil L. : Sure I can, Eugene. I just did. Smile
16:55:00] God's Girl has logged off the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 16:55 : Piano
16:56:02] Jason has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 16:56 (session timeout)
16:56:09] Jason joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 16:56
16:56:35] Phil L. : Irish, define "newer."
16:56:59] @ IrishTiger : album 51 and after
16:57:21] @ Bren : How're we looking on time Phil?
16:57:41] Phil L. : We're fine, Bren.
16:57:44] Samantha14 has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 16:57 (session timeout)
16:58:02] Woody : =[ SAMMA leave
16:58:09] Metal15 has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 16:58 (session timeout)
16:58:25] Phil L. : That doesn't help me, Irish. Let me ask you all -- do you have a least favorite character in the series?
16:58:49] Woody : Emily
16:58:49] Metal15 joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 16:58
16:58:55] Woody : Hands down, Emily
16:59:04] Stella C : I knew that was coming...
16:59:12] Metal15 : Emily, prob
16:59:13] @ Jesusfreak97 : Well, Mr. Phil.. I don't have a main character..For the main reason. Its not your average story..
16:59:18] Phil L. : Why don;t you like Emily?
16:59:27] Metal15 : She's annoying. XD
16:59:38] Metal15 : To me.
16:59:43] Woody : She's whiny, annoying, and unrealistic.
16:59:49] Samantha14 joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 16:59
16:59:54] Phil L. : So are Eugene and Connie on occasion.
17:00:01] NarniaQA Guy has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:00 (session timeout)
17:00:10] @ Samantha14 : Don't listen to the KRE-ers. =|
17:00:11] Woody : But with Emily, it's constant
17:00:12] Metal15 : Nooo Connie and Eugene rawk
17:00:15] Phil L. : JF97 -- is your story about people
17:00:18] @ Samantha14 : Emily is awesome.
17:00:19] Woody : SAMMA
17:00:27] Woody : No. No she is not
17:00:35] Stella C : SAMMEH'
17:00:37] Phil L. : Yeah, but they can be whiny and annoying on occasion, too.
17:00:37] @ IrishTiger : Well, I haven't been listening to the newer albums lately, but probably Emily or Olivia
17:00:56] @ Samantha14 : Emily and I are much alike. Now I'm annoying.
17:01:01] Woody : Phil, you ahev just entered a war
17:01:05] Woody : *have
17:01:22] Woody : Sam, you are nothing like Emily
17:01:35] Phil L. : So Emily is whiny, annoying and unrealistic. How is she unrealistic?
17:01:40] Woody : Mainly because you're not annoying :nods:
17:01:55] @ Jesusfreak97 : No, Mr.Phil.
17:02:12] @ Eugene : Wait... I seem to recall a similar 'discussion' about Emily that we had last year...
17:02:18] Phil L. : JF97 - then what is it about?
17:02:30] @ IrishTiger : Mr Phil, as for your least favorite, is the character in the albums before #51?
17:03:00] Phil L. : I don't know. I don't go by album numbers.
17:03:16] @ Jesusfreak97 : Mr. Phil. May I send you a Private Message on here about it..
17:03:16] @ Samantha14 : SS has two clubs dedicated to loving/hating Emily. *Laughs*
17:03:29] Metal15 : not hating.
17:03:37] Phil L. : Certainly JF97.
17:03:59] Phil L. : How is Emily unrealistic?
17:04:15] @ IrishTiger : What is your favorite type of AIO episode? Historical, funny, sad, normal, mystery...
17:04:18] @ Bren : The issue is, now that I'm older, I don't enjoy the way they write emily at times. It's like that younger kid at church who wants to hang around the older youth and gets on your nerves at times
17:04:30] Woody : What kid pays meticulous attention to every single person's actions, and yet doesn't have the attention span to read case documents and do research?
17:04:56] Phil L. : An idiot savant?
17:05:09] Phil L. : In reverse?
17:05:22] @ Samantha14 : http://www.justanotheraioblog.blogspot.com/2012/12/aio-article-pound-foolish-wisdom-3.html
17:05:24] @ Samantha14 : Read this
17:05:34] Jason : I think she's realistic but at the same time, I find I dont like the J&P Mysteries as much as say Great Expectations.
17:06:10] Stella C : ^I agree
17:06:48] Phil L. : I'm about to show my ignorance -- J & P Mysteries?
17:07:12] @ Samantha14 : Jones and Parker
17:07:13] Jason : Jones and Parker Mysteries
17:10:13] Phil L. : Ah. Is this the same Emily?17:07:30] Woody : Yes. In Great Expetations and Lost Riddle, I had some hope for Emily. Big Trouble Under the Big Top completely destroyed that hope. =[
17:07:47] Stella C : Ya.......
17:09:23] Jason : I think the biggest reason is the age gap. I do think Big Trouble was a well written script, and it was by a fan which is pretty cool.
17:09:30] Phil L. : I'm about to show more of my ignorance -- Jones & Parker? Are we still talking about AIO?
17:09:42] @ Eugene : Yes.
17:09:53] @ IrishTiger : Emily Jones and MAtthew Parker
17:09:58] Phil L. : Are Jones & PArker kids?
17:10:03] @ Eugene : Emily Jones and Matthew Parker have teamed up to make a detective agency.
17:10:08] Stella C : The Jones and Parker Detective Agency...
17:10:13] Phil L. : Ah. Is this the same Emily?
17:10:19] @ Eugene : Which was a great idea that I was a big fan of.
17:10:20] @ Eugene : Yes.
17:10:26] Stella C : Yup
17:10:30] @ Samantha14 : Emily Jones and Matthew Parker detective agency. Smile
17:10:50] Phil L. : That's not happening any more?
17:11:56] @ IrishTiger : it is in ClubHouse mag.
17:11:57] Phil L. : I thought the mystery with Dale Jacobs was quite nice.
17:12:23] Woody : It was. That's one of the two Emily eps I like
17:12:24] @ Eugene : They had one Jones and Parker episode a few weeks back. It's from the latest season and was written by a fan for the college writers contest. Though, the writer didn't actually win.
17:12:33] Jason : Oh, yeah The Lost Riddle was great
17:12:38] @ Eugene : Agreed.
17:12:41] AudPod joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:12
17:13:45] @ AudPod : Yes. I liked that one a lot.
17:13:52] Phil L. : So for you Emily dissers - is it that you just don't like the way the character is written?
17:15:05] Woody : Yes
17:15:13] @ IrishTiger : yes...and the character's voice...or at least the attitude that she uses
17:15:23] Stella C : I would say so.
17:15:34] Jason : In my case, it's not so much that I dislike Emily, but that I don't care for some of her episodes.
17:15:44] Metal15 : More or less, yea
17:16:25] Metal15 : I'm gonna go, Thanx SO MUCH for hanging out with us, Phil!!! Very Happy
17:16:36] Humby joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:16
17:16:40] Phil L. : Jason, what about her episodes do you dislike?
17:16:41] @ IrishTiger : bye Metal15
17:16:54] Phil L. : Bye, Metal15! It was my pleasure!
17:16:58] Metal15 has logged off the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:16
17:17:34] Humby : Hello!
17:17:42] @ IrishTiger : hi Humby
17:18:03] @ Eugene : I, myself, am not a huge fan of Emily. However, I like the idea of Emily. A lot of her episodes and dialogue seems to be aimed at 7-year old kids. Which is fine, that is part of Odyssey's demo, so it makes sense. I even like how her character has developed and the actor. And while many of her mysteries are, as some people put it, too "kid-ish", I understand that Odyssey needs to have a balance as to age-appropriate content. If I'm making sense at all.
17:18:17] Jesusfreak97 has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:18 (session timeout)
17:18:17] Woody : I think the main thing I dislike about her episodes is the lack of character growth.  Other than the ones in Album 56, they've all been fluff episodes that seem to be thrown in to fill up space.
17:18:57] Jesusfreak97 joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:18
17:19:17] Humby : I didn't miss this special occasion!
17:19:19] Bren has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:19 (session timeout)
17:19:26] Woody : I don't remember where I heard this phrase, but they're "whipped cream" episodes
17:19:27] @ Eugene : Yay!! @Humby
17:19:45] Phil L. : Ah! Eugene -- that is what I was really wondering about!
17:19:47] Bren joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:19
17:19:52] @ Eugene : I'd partly agree with that statement, Woody.
17:19:55] Woody : =[
17:20:15] Humby : Nicw, Wody
17:20:18] Phil L. : It may be that AIO is trying to cast too large a net.
17:20:22] Humby : *Woody
17:20:36] * Bren is working on the transcript and making Phil look good in his typing
17:20:41] @ IrishTiger : I think so Mr Phil
17:20:49] Phil L. : Be too many things to too many people?
17:21:32] Woody : Bren is altering the transcript! =o
17:21:47] Humby : Is that what we're to call you? Mr.Phil?
17:22:13] Woody : I prefer Philedelphia
17:22:28] Phil L. : Nice to have editors. I think... Smile
17:22:51] Humby : *Philadelphia
17:22:51] Phil L. : Call me what you like!
17:22:58] @ Bren : As long as they make you look good right?
17:23:08] Woody : Never could spell that =P
17:23:28] Humby : Just type Philly!
17:23:43] Woody : Philly! ^_^
17:23:45] Humby : That's what they call it there
17:24:12] Phil L. : Okay, maybe M.r Lollar, Eqs. is best...
17:24:22] Phil L. : Mr. Lollar.
17:24:34] Humby : Alrighty then
17:24:40] @ IrishTiger: Smile
17:24:44] Phil L. : I'm gonna go break my fingers now...
17:25:00] Humby : Bren is already 'your majesty'
17:25:05] Woody : Then who will write Iliad House? =[
17:25:19] Phil L. : I'll dictate it.
17:25:31] Samantha14 has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:25 (session timeout)
17:25:35] @ Bren : Jason could do it
17:25:53] @ Eugene : I think that the Odyssey team, especially the newer members, are having a hard time finding the voice of the show. Since the haitus, pretty much everything has been reset story-wise. Pre-51, everything delevoped on top of each past story. Even if they weren't directly related, they'd build upon eachother to make a balanced show that had a strong foundation. Now it seems like they are trying to re-build that foundation and are kinda failing. Although I will say that overall, the show has been getting much better as each season passes. I'd say that the only major complaints left are the Jones & Parker Agency and Wooton sounding too much like Jay.
17:26:39] @ IrishTiger :  well put Eugene
17:26:59] Woody : Gotta go!
17:27:09] Phil L. : Bye, Woody!
17:27:09] @ Bren : And a lack of Buck Oliver but that's another story for another time
17:27:11] Humby : Bye!
17:27:15] Samantha14 joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:27
17:27:18] Woody : Thanks for talking to us, Philadelphia!
17:27:31] Phil L. : What do you all expect from an AIO episode?
17:27:36] Woody : And be sure and read my book when you get a chance, k? Smile
17:27:39] Jason : Well put Eugene.
17:27:54] Phil L. : Will do, Woods.
17:28:04] Woody : Woods xD
17:28:20] Phil L. : That was on purpose.
17:28:30] @ Eugene : See ya, Woods Tongue out
17:28:31] Woody : Oh
17:28:33] Woody : =P
17:28:40] Phil L. : Tongue out
17:28:46] AudPod has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:28 (session timeout)
17:28:46] Woody : Thought it was another typo =P
17:28:54] Woody : Okay, see ya!
17:29:06] * Woody is gonna leave this open so it logs
17:29:39] Woody is away : MUDDY BUDDIES
17:29:51] Phil L. : Can anyone answer my last question? What do you all expect from an AIO episode?
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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Empty Re: Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

Post by IrishTiger on 8th October 2013, 8:14 pm

17:30:00] @ Jesusfreak97 : Mr.Phil i sent you a pm.
17:30:08] @ IrishTiger : that's a hard question.
17:30:17] Phil L. : Thx JF97.
17:30:23] Stella C has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:30 (session timeout)
17:30:55] @ Samantha14 : Well
17:31:39] Humby : I'm thinking...
17:31:39] @ Bren : We'll let a few people answer this if they want and then we will wrap up this chat
17:32:38] @ Eugene : I guess I'd expect each Odyssey episode to develop the characters, and by developing those character, help my find a part of myself in that show. I mean, being shown a realistic application of Christianity is what Odyssey has done so well in the past, even when it's taken to the fantastic. For example, even though the NovaCom saga was a bit far-fetched, they kept it realistic and showed how to handle spiritual battles from more than just a Christian's perspective.
17:33:07] KF joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:33
17:33:07] Woody is away
17:33:28] Phil L. : Hm ... Okay, Eugene. Anyone else?
17:33:36] @ Eugene : But like I said, I also want to see myself in the show. The flaws, the not-quite "perfect Christian". I dunno... I feel like I'm rambling.
17:33:52] @ IrishTiger : Again, well put Eugene
17:34:06] Humby : Honestly my brother would be better at answering this
17:34:11] @ Samantha14 : I expect quality, and realistic styles. I want a good moral, and believable acting. Something very emotional, that makes a great impact. Strong Christianity, but not to the point where "it's a perfect world". Because we're far from it. And I'm rambling now...
17:34:21] @ Samantha14 : I agree with Eugene here. ^^
17:34:33] Humby : He's an absolute Odyssey fanatic
17:35:00] @ Eugene : Haha... You took the letters off of my keyboard, Sam!
17:35:03] KF : Characters and story that don't exist to make a point
17:35:53] Phil L. : What do you mean, KF?
17:36:04] KF : They need real motivation and purpose or anything they "learn" actually continues development
17:36:14] KF : *so anything
17:36:44] Phil L. : You mean so they're not making the same mistakes over and over again?
17:37:09] KF : Well,
17:37:29] Phil L. : Eugene, it sounds like you want some sort of role models perhaps?
17:38:23] Phil L. : You're not rambling, Samantha. Those are all good points.
17:39:11] Phil L. : Do you all like the high adventure episodes or the more slice of life ones?
17:39:17] @ Jesusfreak97 : I guess I expect each AIO Episode, Yes to but fun and adventurous, But yet in the end someone always learns something whether through their Christianity or their Walk with God. I miss the episodes where they say In this episode so and so learned about Faith in God, but I also expect them to be understand to the world now a days, To help us teens and Kids to understand God's Word, what he wants for us, and more. For us to see none of us are perfect, Sometimes we fall..but that God will forgive us, and help us get back up..there is a lot more. But yeah.. lol
17:39:19] KF : I guess it's the difference between teaching a lesson through a story and telling a story with a lesson
17:40:01] Aftershocker joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:40
17:40:15] Humby : It was really nice of you to come on here, Mr.Loller. Thank you!
17:40:23] Aftershocker : o.o
17:40:23] @ IrishTiger : hi Aftershocker
17:40:28] Phil L. : KF, you prefer the former, I take it?
17:40:46] Aftershocker : Hey IrishTiger! Smile
17:40:55] Humby : Ooops
17:40:58] Phil L. : You are welcome, Humby! My pleasure!
17:41:09] Humby : Lollar
17:41:16] Humby : Hehe!
17:41:20] @ Eugene : Kinda. Not just role models, but characters I can relate to and understand. Characters that aren't preaching at me about some lesson, but just illustrate everyday life and how Christianity can be, and should be, a part of that. So, I guess... yes, role models would be part of the expectation.
17:41:21] Phil L. : NP
17:41:52] @ IrishTiger : Mr Phil, what do you expect from an AIO episode?
17:42:03] Phil L. : DO you prefer to have the "moral" presented to you at the end, or to discover it for yourself?
17:42:04] @ Eugene : JF and KF, both well said.
17:42:08] Woody has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:42 (session timeout)
17:42:19] @ Bren : The wild card in all this is if the person writing the script knows what they are doing when it comes to writing for Odyssey
17:42:20] KF : Actually I prefer the later
17:42:41] @ Eugene : True, Bren.
17:42:56] Humby : You could do both
17:43:15] KF : To discover it for myself. There's no subtlety to it otherwise. You don't actually learn anything by having it forced upon you. You have to make the connection yourself
17:43:40] @ IrishTiger : I agree KF
17:43:49] @ Bren : Someone could be writing a slice of life for a classic character like Whit or Connie, but if they don't know how to find the voice of that character, they could easily destroy the episode
17:43:51] Phil L. : For those of you who have listened to AIO for many years, do youthink you would have gotten the "moral" of the episode when you were younger if Chris hadn't presented to you?
17:44:07] KF : Yes
17:44:19] KF : Although Chris is awesome
17:44:30] @ Eugene : And I agree with KF, finding it for yourself is more attractive to me. I like stories that treat the audience intelligently. Although, since this is aimed at kids, you do need to explain things sometimes for their sake. Especially since today's average parent doesn't always engage their children in discussions about the entertainment they digest. Though, that's probably less true for Chrisitan families.
17:44:40] Humby : When I was smaller? Probably not.
17:45:16] Phil L. : So, KF, did you get the moral of the episodes before Chris came on?
17:45:28] Phil L. : When you were younger?
17:45:34] @ Jesusfreak97 : Thank you Eugene..And I agree with everything you said.
17:45:58] @ IrishTiger : yes, altough I think growing up in a Christian home would influence my understanding of what the moral was
17:46:06] AudPod joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:46
17:46:15] KF : I would say so yes. Though that's mainly because I've been dissecting plotlines since a very early age,
17:46:19] Woody joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:46
17:46:19] @ Jesusfreak97 : I did get the Moral of the Story, and Ditto on what IrishTiger said.
17:46:37] Humby : It seems like I'm always finding something new to learn, especially the older I get.
17:46:51] Phil L. : You all are older now, and it is gratifying to hear that we have "trained you up" to perceive them moral of a story without it being spelled out to you.
17:46:56] Jason joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:46
17:47:14] Aftershocker : Hey Audrey! Smile
17:47:17] Jason : Yes
17:47:20] @ AudPod : Aftershocker.
17:47:25] Aftershocker : Whoops.
17:47:29] Aftershocker : *Audrey.
17:47:37] @ AudPod : xD It's fine.
17:47:40] * Aftershocker nods in correctionness
17:48:00] * AudPod agrees with what Irish Tiger has been saying
17:48:05] KF : And then there's the matter of talking down to kids
17:48:11] KF : Which I have always hated
17:48:25] @ AudPod : Yeah. Which really annoys me. But I didn't really feel AIO did that, at least not that much.
17:48:27] Phil L. : Would you like the episodes better without Chris' wrap up at the end?
17:48:38] @ Jesusfreak97 : But sometimes is hard to find the moral in some Episodes
17:48:53] Humby : I don't think so
17:49:02] KF : I really don't think the problem is Chris wrapping it up. More
17:49:10] @ AudPod : Maybe once in a while, but I think it's usually spelled out pretty well.
17:49:12] @ IrishTiger : no, I like having Cris there
17:49:17] @ AudPod : @JesusFreak
17:49:21] @ AudPod : Yeah, I do too.
17:49:22] Samantha14 has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 17:49 (session timeout)
17:49:22] Aftershocker : No, I like Chris.
17:49:27] @ IrishTiger : *Chris
17:49:33] Phil L. : I don't plan on doing any kind of a moral wrap up in Iliad House. Even thought there is a Narrator.
17:49:33] Humby : I think Chris is good for the younger people especially
17:49:39] Phil L. : though
17:49:46] @ AudPod : The show wouldn't be the same without Chris at the end. And agreed, Humby.
17:50:21] @ Eugene : It has long been said that you learn your lessons best through experience. If a child can have those experiences through a show that illustrates the moral in an engaging and realistic way, then hopefully that child can learn through some of their lessons (especially the harder ones) through the characters' experiences.
17:50:26] Humby : Plus some people can be pretty clueless
17:50:33] @ AudPod : Haha. True.
17:51:25] Phil L. : You may be right, Eugene -- but realistically, how many of actually do learn our lessons through experience?
17:51:40] KF : I think the biggest problem is -no matter the lesson- the stories don't stand for themselves as
17:51:51] KF : stories
17:52:29] Phil L. : The problem with learning through experience is that as humans we have a large blindspot to our own sin.
17:52:42] @ Eugene : I think that having Chris ballances out the need for someone to explain the applications of the story's moral, yet respects that some of the audience may have already grasped the intended concept. Her wrap-up also usually allows for discussion among the listening audience.
17:52:51] @ AudPod : Agreed, Eugene.
17:52:58] @ AudPod : You put what I was thinking into words. Haha.
17:53:07] Humby : Very true, Mr.Lollar
17:53:29] Phil L. : We can find all sortd of ways to justify out sinful behavior, which is why we repeat the same ones over and over again.
17:54:01] Phil L. : Indeed, Eugene, which is a big reason why she is there.
17:54:28] @ IrishTiger : totally agree Eugene
17:54:33] Phil L. : KF -- what do you mean by the stories don't stand for themselves as stories?
17:54:34] @ Eugene : That is a very good point, Mr. Lollar. But I think that experience is still part of our learning. Though it shouldn't be the only method.
17:54:50] @ Jesusfreak97 : Agreed, Eugene.
17:55:03] @ Eugene : And just because you can learn your lesson through experience, doesn't mean that you should.
17:55:12] * Eugene hit the enter button too soon.
17:55:19] Phil L. : I have found that experience needs to be pretty dramatic and traumatic for us to truly change our behavior.
17:56:07] @ Eugene : Well, when you are a child, I think that most things can be perceived as dramatic.
17:56:12] Phil L. : That os the way the Devil likes it. As C.S> Lewis said, the slow, slippery path, downward.
17:56:52] Phil L. : True, Eugene -- and yet, children still repeat the same bad behavior again and again
17:57:12] Aftershocker : .
17:57:16] KF : They don't have anything going for them as a piece of art
17:57:28] @ Eugene : Haha... true.
17:57:32] @ Bren : Are we still good on time phil? We don't want to take too much of your time
17:57:33] Samantha14 joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:57
17:57:48] Aftershocker : Welcome back, Sammy. =]
17:57:51] Humby : I was just listening to The Silver Chair, speaking of CSLewis
17:57:57] Phil L. : KF that is still fairly vague. CAn you be more specific? PErhaps provide a comparison?
17:58:02] @ AudPod : The Samster is here! Smile @Bren, yeah, when did this chat start?
17:58:15] Woody : Aw, I can't wait fo rthe movie! =D
17:58:18] @ AudPod : I am happy it went on this long, because I missed the first hour or so because of school.
17:58:22] Woody : *for the
17:58:28] Phil L. : Bren -- I'll givbe it 10 more minutes and then I need to go.
17:58:32] Phil L. : give
17:58:35] KF : Okay hrm
17:58:47] Woody : One quick Q
17:58:50] @ Samantha14 : Thanks. =] This chat doesn't like me. All I wanna do is finish writing my song lyrics. And it won't let me stay on. =|
17:59:05] Woody : What is your opinion on character death?
17:59:08] @ Eugene : Thank you so much for being so generous with your time, Mr. Lollar! Very Happy
17:59:17] @ AudPod : Yes, thank you Very Happy
17:59:22] Phil L. : NP!
17:59:24] Whitty Whit joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 17:59
17:59:27] Phil L. : My pleasure!
17:59:28] @ Samantha14 : Indeed, thank you very much. Smile
17:59:36] Jason : Yes
17:59:38] Whitty Whit : Phil L as in Lollar?
17:59:48] Phil L. : That's me!
17:59:49] Aftershocker : Hey Whitty Smile
17:59:49] Woody : Yes, thanks
17:59:49] @ Bren : Yep
17:59:51] @ IrishTiger : Thank you for coming on here and spending so much time talking with us
17:59:51] @ AudPod : Indeed.
17:59:52] KF : The episode where Jimmy and Donna both tell different sides of the same story
18:00:01] Whitty Whit : cool. hello again.
18:00:08] Phil L. : Hi!
18:00:18] Whitty Whit : Let me guess, I totally just missed everything? or is this the start?
18:00:27] @ AudPod : @KF Two Sides to Every Story?
18:00:29] Woody : It's the end
18:00:29] Phil L. : Nope, almost done.
18:00:32] Humby : You missed
18:00:39] Whitty Whit : lol
18:00:54] Phil L. : Okay KF. And you feel that many of the new episodes don;t stack up to that one as art?
18:01:09] KF : The lesson was obvious. We knew what was going on and how it would end. However, it still had character depth.
18:01:20] Whitty Whit : pardon my ignorance, but how is Illiad House going?
18:01:23] KF : I still wanted to know what happened
18:01:44] Phil L. : And that is what is missing from the newer episodes, for you?
18:01:56] @ AudPod : I agree, slightly. With the exception of album 57 (I'm loving it so far, especially Life Expectancy) a lot of the newer episodes haven't had as much meaning to them as the pre-hiatus ones.
18:02:07] Humby : What is the Illiad House?
18:02:12] KF : Well, mainly the story would still exist and be good without the lesson
18:02:44] Woody : [14:59:05 07/10/13] Woody : What is your opinion on character death?
18:02:52] Phil L. : Iliad House is my new audio drmam series. We just completed our Kickstarter campaign, and raised enough funds to do 6 episodes.
18:03:16] @ AudPod : The lesson should definitely be in there, but I like it when it can stand alone even without that cherry at the end, so to speak. Even though the lesson is usually woven thorughout. Tongue out
18:03:17] Whitty Whit : how's that going?
18:03:18] Humby : Oooo!
18:03:23] Phil L. : drama.
18:03:28] Phil L. : My dopey fingers...
18:03:35] KF : Words put together have power. They can inspire or destroy. They can make you laugh or cry. The new episodes don't have that
18:03:42] Whitty Whit : better than sneezy fingers or grumpy fingers?
18:03:58] Phil L. : I am now polishing the scripts and casting, and will soon be recording and post producing!
18:04:01] @ AudPod : Agreed, at KF. With a few exceptions, of course.
18:04:07] Whitty Whit : cool.
18:04:09] @ AudPod : I'm looking forward to it, Mr Lollar!
18:04:17] Jason : I think I know what KF means. For examplein Stage Fright, (A J&P MYstery) They are trying to find the culprit of the phantom of the theater. After being taken on a ride of clues and such Emily comes to a conclusion but its not one that we as viewers could have come up with. It sort of reminds me a lot of Scooby Doo...
18:04:19] Phil L. : Me, too!
18:04:21] Humby : Coolness!
18:04:34] @ AudPod : Yeah, Jason. (I seem to be agreeing a lot. Haha.)
18:05:18] Jason : Stage Fright is a much weaker than some of the Early Classics.
18:05:21] @ AudPod : I call things like that popcorn episodes. It's fine once in a while, but you can't have too much. I like an occasionally episode like that, but I personally still want some episodes with a bit more lesson and meaning to them.
18:05:43] Phil L. : Did the conclusion of Stage Fright seem to come out of thin air? Or did it make sense once you had it?
18:05:48] @ IrishTiger : brb
18:06:10] Whitty Whit : Phil, are you still working on AiO? sorry, but I haven't actually listened to AiO in ages...
18:06:28] @ AudPod : I thought Album 55 was amazing. It had episodes with a deeper meaning, then some day in the life ones. Perfect balance. Easily one of my favorite albums after the hiatus.
18:06:44] Phil L. : I may be writing some new episodes for it in the near future.
18:06:46] Whitty Whit : hey, DBD all over again...
18:06:49] Humby : Is there a Pilgrims Progress Audio drama?
18:06:51] Whitty Whit : okay cool.
18:07:21] Humby : I love that story
18:07:32] @ Samantha14 : Do you know why LE part 2 only plays four minutes and five seconds in? Random, yes. But, I'm confused. Eh?
18:07:49] Phil L. : Nope.
18:07:54] Phil L. : Sorry.
18:07:56] @ AudPod : Ah, I heard about that problem. It worked for me.
18:07:56] @ Bren : The focus player is messed up Sam
18:08:01] @ AudPod : But I listened from the link on here.
18:08:08] Phil L. : I guess they want you to buy it.
18:08:14] @ Bren : well, that's part of it anyway
18:08:15] @ AudPod : Which, thank you, Bren.
18:08:16] Phil L. : :-)
18:08:24] @ Samantha14 : Huh. That's Aud... I mean, Odd.
18:08:29] * Samantha14 hides from Audrey
18:08:31] @ AudPod : >.> Sammy.....
18:08:32] KF : The focus player has been messed up since the first week it stopped being on oneplace Tongue out
18:08:41] @ AudPod : That joke is so old.
18:08:53] @ AudPod : Well, I usually have the episodes already, so I don't use the player.
18:09:10] @ Samantha14 : I have the episodes already, but it's still Au...Odd.
18:09:16] Woody : Guess Phil doesn't want to answer my question on character death :p
18:09:18] @ AudPod : But this time, I spent all my money on other stuff, forgetting about 57. It's weird finding out things at the same time as everyone else.
18:09:26] @ Eugene : I had high hopes for stage fright, even until the final scene. Jason, you're totally right about it having a Scooby-Doo feel.
18:09:31] Woody : * Tongue out
18:09:36] Whitty Whit : what, is Phil pulling a Joss Whedon on us or something?
18:09:51] Jesusfreak97 has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 18:09 (session timeout)
18:10:02] Jesusfreak97 joined the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 18:10
18:10:03] @ Eugene : That would be fine with me. Smile
18:10:10] Whitty Whit : hehe
18:10:19] @ Bren : Well, as fun as this has been, we should wrap this up.
18:10:44] KF : There is some disagree upon that point Bren
18:10:52] Humby : Alrighty
18:10:57] Phil L. : I didnlt know that was directed at me, Woody! Character death is fine, so long as it is motivated. To do it just to do it, is fairly lame IMO.
18:11:01] @ Eugene : Mr. Lollar, one more question?
18:11:13] Phil L. : Go ahead!
18:11:20] @ Bren : If you must Eugene
18:11:24] @ Bren : Smile
18:11:37] @ Eugene : What plans do you have to distribute Iliad House?
18:11:55] * Jason leans in
18:11:57] @ Eugene : Is radio part of the plan? Or just downloads and CDs?
18:12:06] Woody : Exactly my opinion Smile Just FYI, the character death in my book may seem unmotivated, but I assure you, it is not Smile
18:12:50] @ Eugene : Woody, I want to read your book too! Do you have a title for it?
18:13:08] Woody : YesYes
18:13:16] Phil L. : We will distribute it on our own website to start. We will make available ass a podcast as well. And we will make a limited amount of CDs. No radio plans for the immediate future. We are still working out some details about that.
18:13:17] Whitty Whit : well, great seeing you again, Phil Lollar. i'll see you around the interwebs again probably.
18:13:19] Woody : It is called "Point A to Point B"
18:13:22] Whitty Whit : cya guys i'm out
18:13:35] @ Eugene : Bye, Whitty! Very Happy
18:13:43] @ Jesusfreak97 : Phil L. did you get my PM?
18:13:48] Woody : It's the first in a three-part series
18:13:56] @ Eugene : That is a very interesting title. Makes me want to read it!
18:14:04] @ Bren : I would like to thank Phil for taking time out of his busy schedule to spend a couple hours with us. We really appreciate you celebrating our birthday with us in this way. If you want to hear more from Phil Lollar, check out this interview by audio theatre central. http://www.audiotheatrecentral.com/2013/09/phil-lollar-shares-about-iliad-house.html
18:14:22] KF : Thanks Phil!
18:14:30] @ AudPod : Yes, thanks so much!
18:14:32] * Woody will copy/paste the description
18:14:32] Phil L. : Thank you all for the wonderful chat! Please like the Iliad House Face Book page if you haven't and keep going back there -- we have some fun stuff planned on the page. Keep a look out for Illiad House! Thanks for your support, and we'll chat again soon!
18:14:50] Aftershocker has been disconnected on Mon 7 Oct - 18:14 (session timeout)
18:14:59] @ Eugene : Thanks, Mr. Lollar! I'm so excited about all your projects and can't wait to see/hear the final products!
18:15:01] Woody : When FBI agent Jonathon McFarland moves to Jacksonville, his son, Jason, expects things to go as they always have: Move, solve a case, move again. This time, Jason stumbles upon a mystery involving his new best friend, magically appearing graffiti, and a mad professor locked in an observatory. Will the pieces of the puzzle come together in time? Or will the professor and his mysterious device win?
18:15:08] Humby : Wow! Woody wrote a bok?
18:15:17] @ IrishTiger : Thank you Mr Lollar!!!
18:15:25] @ Jesusfreak97 : Thank you so much for taking to talk with us, Phil.L Smile It was great talking to you! God bless you are your family! Very Happy I can't wait to speak with you again! Very Happy
18:15:38] Woody : Should be puublishing to Kindle and Createspace by the end of the month Smile
18:15:49] @ AudPod : Seriously? That's awesome!
18:16:07] Woody : Provided Limerick gets to work on editing =P
18:16:18] @ Bren : I will be working on the transcript and have it up as soon as possible
18:16:24] Phil L. : Bye everyone!
18:16:30] @ Eugene : Bye! Very Happy
18:16:34] Woody : Thanks, Phil!
18:16:34] Phil L. has logged off the chat on Mon 7 Oct - 18:16


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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Empty Re: Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

Post by underseasie on 9th October 2013, 12:46 pm

Looks like it was totally awesome! I wish I could've been there...=/

Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar J1ep7eX
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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Empty Re: Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

Post by Thor's Hammer on 12th October 2013, 11:38 am

Me wish I could have tormented him.

Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Fire-vector-pack_zps972b9ad3
I hates Emily

Thor's Hammer

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Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar Empty Re: Transcript of the chat with Phil Lollar

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