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39 Clues - The Audio Drama!

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39 Clues - The Audio Drama! Empty 39 Clues - The Audio Drama!

Post by Eugene on 12th October 2013, 12:05 am

I've always been very interested in audio drama and also producing stuff. Back in 2009/2010, I had the idea to dramatize the entire 39 Clues book series (among other ideas). To kick that off, I recorded one of the scenes from the first book, "The Maze of Bones". I edited it into a short clip of what I had hoped would become an entire drama.



Amy Cahill: Me
Dan Cahill: Uncredited (but not me)
Nellie: Me (with a voice filter)

More details

The voices were recorded using Audacity and a Rock Band logitech USB microphone. Sound effects and music are from a stock library that came with a media pack for our computer. Edited by me in Audacity.

The reason why I'm posting this is just to share with everyone. But mostly because I mentioned it during the chat with Katie Leigh and Woody really wanted to hear it. So... ta-da!!  happy dance

By the way, I was planning to eventually get a friend of mine to play Amy. Obviously that never happened.  Tongue out  And I thought, for some odd reason, that having Nellie with that weird, filtered, almost robotic voice would be a cool twist.

39 Clues - The Audio Drama! Twep
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