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Help Center


Note: Rules are subject to change and can be changed and/or added to at any given moment if the admins feel the need to.

1. Posts, and good etiquette

1.1 - Double posting
Posting twice in a row is usually a bit...excessive and not allowed. If you are the last person who has posted in a thread and you forgot something else, or you feel you must reply, please use the "Edit" button located at the top of that post.

1.2 - Short Replies (ie. one or two words or smilies)
Often times members may feel the need to post a reply that is only one or two words. This is not good message board etiquette, short replies such as "yeah", "ditto", "don't care", "huh?", "nothing", "not interested", etc... are not encouraged (neither are single smiley faces). As a general rule, if a thread deals with an issue or poses a question that you have little interest in or cannot answer a question with anything but "nothing" or "don't know", please do not respond. Oswald Heights is the only section that allows this to a small degree.

1.3 - ALL CAPS
Please do not type in all capital letters. These kind of posts are difficult to read and it makes it look like you are shouting. Other members view this kind of behavior as rude and inappropriate, and posts that are written in all capital letters will be removed.

1.4 - Excessive Emoticons
Please limit your use of emoticons. Three or four in a row should be the maximum used.

1.5 - Spam
Common forms of spam would be starting the same topic more than once, posting just so that you can be the most recent poster in several different threads (thus seeing your name scrolling down the page in the "Last Post" column). Please try to avoid it.

Oswald Heights is a little more lenient when it comes to strict enforcing of spam rules, but it is still expected that the above rules are followed for most of the threads. It is a place to be goofy, not a place to break the rules.

1.6 - Plagarism
If you have not written the text, please enclose the text in the BBcode quote box or link directly to its location.

1.7 - Bumping
If a topic is not on the first page of a section or is more than four months old it is not worth posting in it to bring it back to the top. This is called bumping and is discouraged. Instead if you wish, you can always start a new topic similar to the original.

2. User Account Restrictions

2.1 - Double Accounts
Only one account per person is allowed. Please do not sign up under more than one username. If you have more than one account, please contact an administrator so they can remove the extra one(s) for you. Accounts are monitored on a regular basis to ensure compliance with this rule.

2.2 - Private Messaging
Please do not PM multiple people on the board with the same message to promote yourself, gain attention, or attract supporters. The private message system allows two people to have a private discussion – it is not a way to promote one's CC shop, CC thread, or to serve as a personal message board by PMing everybody who is online at the moment, or everyone on the board. If you feel you need to communicate with a large number of members, please use the message board itself... a thread will get more attention and save you from alienating those who feel they have just received CC Junk Mail.

2.3 - Signatures
Your signature may only contain one (1) image and must be NO LARGER than 500x130 pixels.

Abbreviations and Glossary

Many users of Campbell County use abbreviations and odd terms. Some are universally understood, like “lol” and “qft”. But other abbreviations are unique to CC. Here’s a list of some of the common “lingo” we use.

AIO or Odyssey
This refers to the popular radio drama, Adventures in Odyssey. You can learn more about this awesome show at whitsend.org.

This refers to the avatar above your name.

This is the person who takes care of our seashell transactions.

This stands for "by the way".

This is posting in a topic that’s over 4 months old.

This stands for "Campbell County".

This means "Campbell County Weekly News".

This stands for "frequently asked questions".

This refers to the person who started this forum. (If you're wondering, that would be Bren.)

This stands for "for the win".

This stands "general manager". These leaders are permanent admins who run the site.

This stands for "Non-Playing Character". Essentially, it means characters like Whit and Eugene who are controlled by other members for story arcs and such. (See below for explanation of story arcs.) They will post as if they really are the Odyssey character.

Story arcs
One unique thing about this board are the story arcs that take place. Things happen on the board such as Regis Blackgaard coming back, R.M. taking over the board, etc. Usually the bad guys are up to no good, and the members of CC are supposed to jump in and help foil their plans. Often there are clues and codes to be found, and everyone works together to figure out what to do. It's all for fun!

Premium Members
These are members who have been around at least a year and paid 25 seashells for 6-month access to a VIP area.

"Role-Playing Game." If you like to make up characters and act out stories, you may enjoy role playing in Tom’s Apple Orchard.