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Campbell County: The Official Guide

Help center
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Welcome and Introduction

Hello and welcome to Campbell County! You are currently looking at the official guide. Perhaps you're a new user and want to know the rules. Or perhaps you have a question about how to post. Whatever the reason, you're at the right place! This guide contains just about everything that you may want to know about the usage and features of this message board. So enough chewing the flab, let’s get on with the main stuff!

Campbell County at a Glance

At first glance Campbell County, or CC for short, may seem somewhat confusing. Any message board can be when you first join. Where should you post about a certain topic? Who should you ask for help with the shop? What are the other special features of this board? All this and more are explained in this chapter.

The Rules

As with most other message boards, we have a collection of rules to govern how users should use and shouldn’t use the forums. We have all of the rules posted on a separate page, so you should read them and so you can be familiar with them. To access the rules, click on help center at the top or bottom of each page in the guide.

The Administration

Campbell County is managed by a group called the administrators. Some of the admins are permanent, and others are elected. Still others can be either appointed or hired into positions to manage sections like the shop or bank. The admins are a friendly bunch that are always willing to help you.

Bren [Profile]: Founder: He makes sure everything runs smoothly!

Sko [Profile], Samantha14 [Profile] and RyanCummings [Profile] : General Managers:They assist Bren in the day to day operations of the site.

Eugene [Profile] and NarniaQA Guy [Profile]: The County Technicians: They do our special features and coding

Jesusfreak97 [Profile], underseasie [Profile] and Marvin W. [Profile]: Elected Officials: They were elected to help run the site

How Message Boards Work

If you are already familiar with the basics of a message board, then you might want to gloss over this section since you probably are already familiar with all the information provided here. But who knows? There may be some stuff that will be new or helpful for you.

If you are new to the world of message boards, then you should read on.


Responding to Posts

To respond to a post, scroll down the page until you see the text box titled “Quick Reply”. Type your message and then click “Send”. You can also click the “Post Reply” link to respond using more posting options.

There are some icons at the top of the Quick Reply box that you should be familiar with. Left to Right: The first three are for typing in bold text, italics, and underlining. The ‘Quote’ icon is for quoting other posts. Simply click it and put the post you are quoting inside the quote tags. The ‘Code’ icon is for posting codes to show without actually using them. Click the icon and post the quote inside the tags. The ‘Host an Image’ icon is used to upload an image from your computer to the site and post it. The ‘Image’ icon is the one to use for posting a picture that is hosted by another site (for example, photobucket). Put your image’s url in the text field that pops up. The ‘Link’ icon is used for posting a website link. Click on it and in the top text field, paste the website. In the lower text field put the word(s) you want to show as the link (example: “click here!” ). The colorful icon is for changing the color of your text. Click it and choose your color. The smiley Icon is for adding smileys to your post. Click the ‘Others’ icon to see other options for formatting text and text alignment. The ‘Spoiler’ option will give you spoiler tags. Use it when you are posting information that not everyone will want to see right away. To use it, click ‘Spoiler’ and type text inside the tags. The ‘Remove Text Formatting’ icon will change text settings to default.

Starting a New Topic

Go to the forum you wish to post the topic in. Then, click 'New Topic' at the bottom of the page

Private Messages

To send a private message (PM) to another member, click the 'Messages' link at the top of the page and then scroll to the bottom and click 'New PM'. You can also click any username on any page and that will take you to their profile. Click the 'Contact' tab, and then click the 'PM' icon.

Help center
Pages of guide: 1 | 2 | 3