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Campbell County: The Official Guide

Help center
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Your Profile


To add/change your avatar, click the 'Profile' link. Next, click the 'Avatar' tab. You can upload an image from a hosting site such as Photobucket. Or you can just link to the image URL.

*you must pay 10 seashells in order to have an avatar


To add/change your signature, go to the 'Profile' link and click the 'Signature'' tab. You can type a message, link to a website, and/or use an image as your signature. See the 'Responding to Posts' section for help on linking to a website and using an image.

The Forums

Forums usually are made up of several different categories, each one containing messages relevant to the topic of the category. Campbell County has a topic for just about everything, including (but not limited to) Adventures in Odyssey (which is the main focus of the entire site), forum games, church-related things, media, and of course, a category for everything that doesn't fit into another category.

In the categories, you'll find topics, which are the backbone of forums. Each topic can be thought of as a chain of messages, each message being a link in the chain. You can start a new topic if it hasn't already been created by someone else, and you can add replies to existing topics to join the conversation.

Categories in Detail

This category includes an Announcements section and Main Office for member related things like introductions and site issues.

This category includes Odyssey Community Church for devotions and things of that nature, The Electric Palace for selling things, and Tom’s Apple Orchard for RPGing,

This category includes Pete’s Gas and Chow for general discussion, Whit’s End, Connellsville for AIO discussion and Mary’s Story Shop for book reviews.

This category will include any factions you are a part of.

This category includes all of the current user blogs.

Hagglers Junk Yard
This category houses all of our major events from the past.

Special Features

The Toolbar

Campbell County has always had a great toolbar to help with navigation as well as provide a portable chatbox and other unique features. But recently Forumotion (the forum software provider) added a built-in toolbar. So we've decided to keep both, for now at least.

The Forumotion Toolbar (the top one)

The top toolbar incorporates many of the site features including notifications (such as friend requests, private messages, new posts and more), social sharing and profile management. Notifications will pop-up when you are navigating the website or will be waiting for you when you log in next. You can manage your notifications by using the top toolbar.

You can click on your username to view or edit your profile, view your posts and other threads you're following, as well as log out. You can also share the page you're viewing by using the social buttons.

If you want to hide this toolbar, click the arrow on the far right side.

The Campbell County (you guessed it, the bottom one)

We have tried to pack the Campbell County toolbar with as many features as possible. We'll just quickly explain the basics but you can go ahead and explore it more on your own.

Working from left to right, first you'll see a few icons. These link to some useful pages; the homepage, the help center, your private messages, and a search tool.

Next we've got some pop-outs that provide more functions. The quick jump pop-out gives you quicker access to the main forums instead of having to go back to the homepage. You can also see a full listing of forums in there too.

After that comes the toolbox. This handy toolbox holds a collection of links and sharing buttons that you might find useful but don't need to see all the time.

Moving on, we find the status updater. This can be a little confusing. In order to update your status through the toolbar, you must click open the pop-out and click the options icon in the corner. Then fill in the email address you have associated with your Campbell County account and user ID (you can get your user ID from your profile page or ask an administrator). After that, you're ready to go.

The next box gives you alerts and messages about what's going on around Campbell County. These messages are less important but can lead to some fun things. The number shows how many alerts there are and an orange dot will appear when there are new alerts.

In the image above, you can see a tool to add an insert MP3. This only appears on pages with a post box and allows you to embed audio files in your post. Just paste the URL of the MP3 file.

On the other end of the toolbar you can access the portable chatbox. This lets you take your chats with you while you roam around the site.

And lastly, there are two little icons to bring you to the top and bottom of the page.

Help center
Pages of guide: 1 | 2 | 3