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Day 5 Trivia

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Day 5 Trivia Empty Day 5 Trivia

Post by Marvin DeSanchez on 1st July 2011, 8:56 am

Okay, it's the LAST DAY! Here you go guys...do well! Science Questions

1. True or false—Rabbits are born blind.
2. *The common cold is caused by a virus or bacteria?
3. Scientists that study earthquakes are called what?
History Questions
4. Who wrote The Canterbury Tales?
5. *How many children did Queen Victoria have?
6. An air attack during World War was called a b___.
Bible Questions
7. What musical instrument soothed King Saul’s spirit?
8. Who was Esther’s father?
9. *Finish this Proverb. A word fitly spoken is like ____ of gold, in ____ of _____. (Only use your Bible [e.g., your concordance]).
CC Question
10. Who makes most of the episode review topics on CC?

Day 5 Trivia Marvinspoptartset2
Marvin DeSanchez
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