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Detective RPG

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Detective RPG - Page 2 Empty Detective RPG

Post by Larkspur on 7th February 2012, 6:25 pm

First topic message reminder :

Here's something to help get you started. I hope you all have fun with this!

Character Form






Eye Color:








Uncommon Appearances:







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Detective RPG - Page 2 Empty Re: Detective RPG

Post by GJoy on 18th January 2013, 12:28 pm

If it's not too late:
Name: Jenna Corland

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Race: Part-Asian

Appearance: Regular height, shoulder length straight black hair. Almond eyes. Slightly darker skin.

Eye Color: Almond

Height: 5'3, 5'4

Clothes: Typical wears a light blouse and dark pants, or jeans and a turtleneck.

Hair: Straight black hair.

Loyalty: Wavering. Unsure. Most of the time she works for the good side.

Beliefs: Unbeliever, prone to change.

Job: Works as a private detective, one of the best, on the side. She works in the customer service area, ironically. Stores, restaurants, etc.

Personality: Sweet when she needs to be, tough when she has to be. A naturally prickly personality, with a soft side. Can get down to business easily, and doesn't waste time.

Uncommon Appearances:

History: Born in San Francisco. Her parents died when she was young, and she was adopted.

Skills: Thinking, managing, avoiding,

Family: A adopted sister and brother, and a mom and dad.

Weapons: Shotgun.

Talents/Powers: Intimidation, an eye for detail. She can figure things out lightning quick if the facts are presented

Weaknesses: Over-intimidation, thinks too quick sometimes.

Detective RPG - Page 2 Gjoy10

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Detective RPG - Page 2 Empty Re: Detective RPG

Post by underseasie on 18th January 2013, 1:50 pm

I'd like to join as well, if I still can...
Name: Aria Donahue

Gender: Female


Race: America

Appearance: Petite, Small

Eye Color: Aquamarine

Height: 4'11

Clothes: T-shirt, Jeans, Worn Cowgirl Boots

Hair: Waist Length, Strawberry Blonde hair

Loyalty: Strong

Beliefs: Christian

Job: Candy Store Clerk

Personality: Sweet, Very Shy

Uncommon Appearances: Often mistaken for a younger girl

History: Grew up in MI, near the lakes

Skills: Sneaking, Hiding, Finding things

Family: Three Brothers, Mom and Dad

Weapons: Pistol, but hates to use it

Talents/Powers: Very Agile, Quick, Great at Sneaking

Weaknesses: Shy, Can't stand to see anyone/thing being hurt

Detective RPG - Page 2 J1ep7eX
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Detective RPG - Page 2 Empty Re: Detective RPG

Post by Thor's Hammer on 30th January 2013, 11:45 am

I am joining kind of a look out for himself.
Character Form

Name: Blitz (nickname)


Age: 24

Race: American

Appearance: Tanned thin but muscle packed

Eye Color: green

Height:6 ft

Clothes: Short sleeved shirts along with tight black pants and sneakers

Hair: Red hair

Loyalty: None work for whomever.

Beliefs: none

Job: Work for whomever pays

Personality: cocky and silent

Uncommon Appearances:none

History: Orphaned and wandered around the world

Skills: Can shoot anything even his trusted sniper rifle.

Family: None

Weapons: Pistol, assault rifle, sniper rifle

Talents/Powers: Hacking and secrecy

Weaknesses: Hates talking

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Detective RPG - Page 2 Empty Re: Detective RPG

Post by Sponsored content

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