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Emily Empty Emily

Announcing the infamous Pound Foolish! The Old Judge convinced me to finally start a blog. This is part of Campbell County technically, I know. But this is mainly an experiment. I’ll make a few posts here, for a month or so, and, eventually, I may have my own blog on my own site!
I’m kicking things off with a look at E.R.K.
Recently, CreativeThinker101 made a topic called “The Soda Shop News” in the Bulletin Board on SS. Like all his articles, it made one laugh and feel entertained.
Emily has become, perhaps, the central topic on SS, coming up in every single forum. It’s just plain ridiculous, and I, and many SS members, as it turns out, like it that way.
When I first joined here, I just liked Emily. I simply knew she her to be a funny, spunky, fascinating character who touched me and won my friendship. When I say “friendship” in regards to a character, I mean friendship. I truly become friends with characters. I see them almost as people. Characters, for me, are a study, a piece of my heart, a central focus to my mental wanderings.
What a mess I made, though, when I started E.R.K. What horrors appeared on the horizon. The carnage and bloodshed are terrible in this war. Both sides fight on, however. The war looms, with no end in sight.
And it’s not just on SS by any means. JAAIOB, The Unofficial AIO, Odyssey Thoughts, The Campbell County Connection, ALL have complained about Emily!
My gorgeous fiancé, Suzylou, and I, shall win. Though we bleed a river of blood, we shall win.
When I started, it I just thought “Oh, I’ll do this and see what happens! This’ll be sooo funny!” I got the idea after reading yet another disparaging comment against Emily.
It’s very interesting what a big deal such things become on SS. Since everything is about AIO on SS, if you have an opinion in the back of your mind when you join, they suddenly become blown up like a hot air balloon on the SS. It’s a mini world that revolves around AIO.
To tell the truth, it’s fascinating most of us seem to be enjoying this. So few things really garner that much attention at once on SS. This has become such a huge, out of control joke, it’s spread across the whole board and become something everyone has to acknowledge in one way or another. It shows we all love to talk about AIO, and that we enjoy having fun.
I shall eventually do a Pound Foolish Wisdom on Emily, either for JAAIOB, or my own site, if I ever create it. Death to EmilyHaters! Emily RULES!
I shall remain loyal to Emily. Because, as I said, she’s my friend.
You don’t just dump friends.
I am very deeply attached to Emily. She shines with her wisdom, her bravery, wit, and charm. She inspires and delights. And I shall hold her hand, and watch her grow. I believe in her.
That’s all for now, Pound Foolish.

Penny Wise
Pound Foolish

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Emily :: Comments


Post on 25th August 2012, 11:59 pm by The Old Judge

Good job, Pound Foolish! 'Twas a very good start to your blog, and I can't wait for more. When will your next post be out?

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Post on 26th August 2012, 1:24 pm by Guest

YAY! You have a blog now, darling! I just adore this article, by the way. Yes, we shall win, indeed. Emily RULES! Can't wait for more posts!

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Post on 26th August 2012, 5:59 pm by HannahJ.

I didn't read it cause it's so long ,but I know it's wonderful! I totally agree EMILY RULES!!!

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Post on 30th August 2012, 9:33 pm by CreativeThinker101

Great job, PF! Another great article! Just so you guys know, I made my first blog post just now.

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Post on 31st August 2012, 12:16 am by Pound Foolish

Recently, I sent Bryce, that is, CreativeThinker101, “Alex”, a message asking what my next Pound Foolish Wisdom should be on, with a list of the characters I had in mind to analyze:
”Here are some ideas for the next Pound Foolish Wisdom:

Dr. Blackgaard

He replied:
“Those are quite good ideas. However, I think I'll narrow it down a bit if you don't mind…”
He had indeed narrowed it down… to just three options.
Dr. Blackgaard

Which am I doing? You’ll just have to seeeeeeee. You’ll notice Emily, unsurprisingly, wasn’t included in the narrowed down list of choices. However… sorry, EmilyHaters. If you think I’m backing off, wrong. I’m still going to write a Pound Foolish Wisdom on Emily eventually for Just Another AIO Blog… or I QUIT! Wink (Please excuse the unprofessional smiley.)
I am certainly enjoying creating Pound Foolish Wisdom. I’ve only made one, so far, but the second is on its way. I know my writing won’t ever be Ben Warren masterpieces, but I’m having fun.
Perhaps characters are the greatest asset AIO has. Sure, people like to talk about how great AIO’s message is. And rightly so. Yet, characters are what keep us coming back. They make us laugh, bring about the story; they are the tip of the magic wand, focusing the spell and enchantment of a story upon it.
I am honored to do a small homage to these characters in my analytical specials, and I draw closer to the characters as I write them.
That, after all, is so much of a story’s power. The power to make us care about a character. A person. And idea.
And love him or her.
Through these articles, I hope to draw closer to, perhaps, Connie… Jason… Perhaps even Whit himself.
AIO takes us on a journey through character’s lives, where we make friends.
That’s the magic of stories.

Thanks for reading. Till next, I’m Pound Foolish, saying, with God in your life, every day is an adventure… and with me in your life, every day’s a little weirder! Once again, if you want to see the choice for the latest Pound Foolish Wisdom, you’ll just have to visit Just Another AIO Blog this coming Tuesday! (Bwa-ha-ha.)

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