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Character Diary Entry #1

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Character Diary Entry #1 Empty Character Diary Entry #1

Hi all! Before I begin, I want to say, real quick, the point of my review of Happy Hunting WASN'T trying to show one SHOULD focus on searching for happiness. It was just a celebration of Penny's character and how it played out and was effected in the episode.
Alright. A few weeks ago, I made a topic on SS called Character Diaries, where I wrote about some made up and some "real" AIO events from a character's point of view. Aaron Wiley pointed out it would make a fun blog feature. So, now it is. Here is the first of my blog's Character Diaries. It takes place shortly before the first "Character Diary" I made on CC, and it tries to account for why EMILY of all people has such a sentimental thing as a diary in the first place. Wink

It’s strange what’s happened to this recording of cases. I never really wanted an outlet for my emotions til now. I used to just use this book to put down all my mysteries. Now, I’ve slowly turned it into almost a diary. It feels odd to have emotions that well up so much in me and become such a part of me... I just have to DO something with them.
I guess it all started with Buck. I just couldn’t control myself around him. And that’s new. Sometimes I can’t control myself because I want to control things. With Buck I couldn’t help myself because I lost my control… because I wanted to lose my control.
It’s so weird. I wanted to be helpless around him. It hurts me so much to see him in jail.
But sometimes, I get sick of writing about all that over and over. I mean, there’s so much fun stuff in my life. Jay recently tried to make Barrett fail a spelling bee by distracting him every time he had to spell something. Distract him with a firecracker. Subtle. I don’t even want to guess how he got explosives into a public school. He’s in all kinds of trouble. He says he can’t understand “… a country where they restrict your right to blow things up.”
Matthew is still preoccupied with his tinkerers club, but I’ve gotten used to that. He enjoys it, and still has time for me, though not as much as he used to. Of course, that doesn’t prevent me from occasionally reminding him of how extremely generous I am to let him have his way. He’s kind of cute. Sometimes I almost think… Forget it. He’s too weird. He’s a great person. But a boyfriend is preferably someone who is a somewhat normal and certifiable human rather than all-things-mechanical obsessed brainiac.
Well, until next time, this is Emily Jones… and I miss Buck.

Penny Wise
Pound Foolish

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Character Diary Entry #1 :: Comments


Post on 2nd October 2012, 10:54 pm by T.S. (myself)

Very good! You captured some very interesting moments of her life! I loved the way you weaves real events with fabricated emotions and feelings.

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Post on 4th October 2012, 10:26 am by GJoy

Wow, Pound Foolish, that's great! More!!!
That is a fantastic idea. Making a whole series about different peoples thoughts in Odyssey, and movies and such. Is it just for Emily, or other characters.

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Post on 6th October 2012, 1:40 pm by CreativeThinker101

That was horrible! Emily stinks! Okay, okay. I suppose I'll put aside ESK for now...

That was interesting. I'm not sure why Jay would go to such drastic measures or how Emily ever had a crush on Matthew, but that was a nice exploration of the thoughts and emotions of the worst character ever.

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Post on 6th October 2012, 2:55 pm by Pound Foolish

Thank you VERY much, Mr. Thinker. I'm touched.

My very dear and very enthusiastic wonderful new friend Gjoy, I expect other characters shall be featured. They won't necessarily be diary entries. For instance, just to name ideas as they pop in my head, I could...
Have a correspondence between Emily and Matthew by email, do Principle Vogler's files on Jay, or make some letters back and forth between Liz and Jared.

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Post on 6th October 2012, 3:34 pm by GJoy

Those are great ideas, PF! I can't wait for the next installment! I love this type of thing.

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