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CCWN: 11/18/12, RyanCummings Version!

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CCWN: 11/18/12, RyanCummings Version! Empty CCWN: 11/18/12, RyanCummings Version!

Post by RyanCummings on 18th November 2012, 10:06 pm

Hey everyone! RyanCummings coming to you for the 2nd edition of the RyanCummings version of Campbell County Weekly News! YAY! It isn’t just a one hit wonder!!!

Front page

Ryan Cummings releases 2nd CCWN edition late, and brings about the end of the universe.

That’s right. Ryan was one day late in releasing the 2nd edition of the news, and because of that, it is the end of the world. Who knew right? I mean, when you don’t release stuff on time, you threaten everyone! The entire universe in fact! And because of Ryan, some people have been exploding from the mere lateness of the weekly paper. If he doesn’t release it every week, it isn’t the weekly paper, so it ruins the universe. RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!!!! .................................Oh, we are still alive. Well. That is a good thing. Let’s carry on.

General News

You probably already know this, but Thursday is Thanksgiving!!! YAY!!! Just thought I would point that out so nobody forgets.

Also, over in the Oswald Heights section, we are all trying to count to 10,000. So if you want to help, that would be great. It would make it so much faster.

War and Politics

Don’t worry, don’t worry. We aren’t at war with anyone. Yet... But we do have some politics going on! That’s right, it is Campbell County election time! Currently, there are 2 spots open for new candidates. To find out more, click on the links.

Community Relations Director


Also, if you want to run for either of these positions, you will need 2,800 seashells. How you are going to accumulate and store that many seashells, I have no idea. But if you want to run for either position listed above, keep that in mind.


Okay, so last week I added a poll to the news article asking how business is. There is good news and bad news.

Good news! 67% of the people who polled said that they have a job, and are satisfied with their salary, while only 33% said that they don’t have a job, but want one.

Bad news. Only 3 people voted, including me. So I don’t know if those numbers count for the whole forum. So that is my take on business lately.


Okay, if you want to ask me more AIO questions and try to test my memory, then there is a separate topic for that at {link}. And a big thanks to all who have participated so far in asking questions!

Until next time! ~Ryan M.

CCWN: 11/18/12, RyanCummings Version! RyanCummings+sig

~~~RyanCummings, Community Relations Director for Campbell County, creator of the World Famous Odyssey podcast, writing assistant to Brock Eastman, and SUPER AIO fan.
Campbell County General Manager
Campbell County General Manager

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