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CCWN: 12/19/12

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CCWN: 12/19/12 Empty CCWN: 12/19/12

Post by RyanCummings on 20th December 2012, 12:46 am

Front page

Increased interest in the Interview room

The interview room is trending! It seems everyone has added a topic for people to interview various users! In fact, posting was so immense in amount for that topic had drawn attention away from many other current topics. In fact, there was almost a policy initiated for the interview room to require one seashell from members for each post submitted to the interview room. However, the policy was revoked when teamed with members returning to other topics. There are still many interviews being run..

General News

In other news, RyanHoots changes his username to Sko in order to provide less confusion between the names RyanHoots and RyanCummings.

Also, posting is down, and specific interactive topics need visitation once more. Topics such as Authors Anyone, which is a forum where people write a few paragraphs each of a story, but unfortunately, nobody is posting, and those poor story characters are frozen in time!!!

Also, the Detective RPG, is at a stand still. Like Authors Anyone, this is a topic that needs continual posting, or it becomes irrelevant.

There are many topics like this, and if you get the chance, you should definitely make sure you aren't forgetting about any vital posts you need to make to keep a topic running. For example, there has not been much discussion on the Mafia topic, and the mafia are winning, so people need to get over there and stop the mafia.

War and Politics

In politics, the new recruits are doing nicely. Sko is doing great working in technical aspects of the forum, and I, the Human Relations Director, or HRC, am doing a wonderful job (but I am biased) with getting people to post. See, watch this...ah ah ahem. Go. Post. Now. Whew, that has to work! lol!

Also, Samantha14 and Sunshine are doing a great job helping to plan for the board’s future!

In war, the mafia topic is brutal. 3 mafia are still alive, and the Sheriff and two other townies are dead, with no idea who the mafia are! Though I, Ryan have my suspicions...


This doesn’t really count as business, because the people don’t get payed. But they do writing work, so it kind of counts as business. But what is it? I am talking about all the new blogs popping up on the CC! There are many new editions, and they are great reads, so you should definitely check some of them out. In fact, soon I will have my own blog, so be watching for that!

In other news, a new business has just opened, THE CHRISTMAS SHOP! Now you can go and buy Christmas themed stuff for your collection! Christmas trees, Nativity scenes, the works!


In the CC Winter Olympics, the Snowball fight has been VERY active. It has only been around for 3 weeks, and already it has 22 pages worth of snowball fight. Because things have been rather confusing, this CC snowball sports edition of the CCWN will be dedicated to the explanation and main story of the 4th, annual, Snowball FIGHT! For this newspaper edition, we will go over the first 6 pages.

It all started when Bren threw a snowball at me, RyanCummings! I ducked down behind my already constructed fort and grabbed my main weapons, a satchel of snowballs, and an ice sword. Meanwhile, Bren stars his campaign for more teammates by bribing people with brownies. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work, and Samantha14, Kaida, and Underseasie join team 1, Ryan’s team. Meanwhile, Bren attacks team 1 in the back, and they return fire, making Bren fall in the snow, unwilling to get up. Sko joins Bren’s team,

Underseasie attacks Bren and Sko, forcing Sko to retreat to cover, and Underseasie to return to Fort 1 (team 1’s fort). Sko begins work on fort 2 (team 2’s fort), along with Aftershocker, who has joined team 2. Team 2 fires a few shots towards Underseasie, who uses (gulp) her lightsaber to melt them before contact! After team 2 finishes their fort, Ryan throws a snowball 1 foot in diameter at team 2! It collides with Sko, knocking him off his fort. He then returns the snowball at Ryan, who slices through it with his ice sword.

At this point, Ryan and Samantha14 invent the SBB, or Snowball blaster! It can fire snowballs like a tennis ball shooter does tennis balls. Ryan and Samantha take it up the hill near Fort 1, and use it to fire shots all the way across town towards Fort 2! Sko ducks behind a tree to avoid being hit, and Ryan goes after Sko, riding down the hill on a trash can lid sled.

At this moment, God’s Girl joins team 2, and starts sniping team 1 from a rooftop. In the process, God’s Girl is knocked off the roof by a snowball from the SBB (Snowball blaster), fired by Samantha14. Underseasie and Ryan make a plan to ambush team 2, but GG fires a snowball arrow at Underseasie’s lightsaber, making it useless. Samantha sets the SBB to auto launch and slides down the hill to give Underseasie a spare lightsaber, while Ryan fixes the original. Team 1 goes out to ambush Sko and Aftershocker, when a helicopter (equipped with a snow cannon) flies out from behind the tree, WITH SKO IN IT!!! It fires a few shots at Ryan, but Ryan fends them off with his ice sword. Ryan also pulls out of his pocket, A REMOTE CONTROL, to the SBB! Using the remote to aim at the helicopter, he fires shots at it, forcing it to crash land. After Sko runs away, Ryan finds a small snowball gun in the helicopter, and puts it in his satchel.

While all of this has been going on, Samantha has been kidnapped! Underseasie Sneaks behind enemy lines to search for Samantha. Ryan uses the snowball launcher to distract team 2 from Underseasie. Underseasie finds Samantha on a roof, with God’s Girl. Using the lightsaber to cut Samantha’s ropes, they sneak away, back to team 1’s fort.

At this point in time, everyone goes technology crazy, and uses really high tech stuff to get the upper hand, such as teleporters, C-4 bombs, and time machines. Eventually, Ryan has to bring this back to a snowball fight, and disables futuristic equipment from the game. Then, Jason and Gjoy come on the scene, and try and decide which team to join.

Okay, those are the first 6 pages of the snowball fight. Check back for next week’s CCWN for more on the snowball fight!

That's all for this week's edition of the CCWN!

CCWN: 12/19/12 RyanCummings+sig

~~~RyanCummings, Community Relations Director for Campbell County, creator of the World Famous Odyssey podcast, writing assistant to Brock Eastman, and SUPER AIO fan.
Campbell County General Manager
Campbell County General Manager

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CCWN: 12/19/12 Empty Re: CCWN: 12/19/12

Post by Aftershocker on 20th December 2012, 10:12 am

Cool! I was wondering when it would come out.

CCWN: 12/19/12 Rkn_zps7d7b3f96

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CCWN: 12/19/12 Empty Re: CCWN: 12/19/12

Post by orangie on 21st December 2012, 12:52 pm

Thanks for keeping the citizens of CC informed.Very Happy

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CCWN: 12/19/12 Empty Re: CCWN: 12/19/12

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