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Home Again in Pound Foolish Review

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Home Again in Pound Foolish Review Empty Home Again in Pound Foolish Review

Now Jason's back... he can marry
Connie! Yay! At last.
Had you going, didn't I? Sorry, but there are various reasons the Jason and
Connie mix won’t ever work. I may make an article on that later, but moving on…

It’s so wonderful to have Jason
back. One question though: why? No, that’s not to say “why did the writers decide
to return him to Odyssey?” Returning Jason home was the best choice. But stop
and think for a moment… why did he come back to stay? Why does he abandon “The
Agency”? Because, “…that case in England… it undid me. ...More than anything,
I want to reconnect with God.”

Great. But since when does action “burn”
Jason? Jason thrives on action. One word: Novacom. Jason rode the bumps and
came out grinning. That was a far longer, rockier, more dangerous ride than The Labyrinth. Yet, from Jason’s very
first appearance, we’re handed a tired and retired Jason, who wants to settle
down alone in a cabin. And all because one case did him in. We’re just supposed
to assume this last case, for some unspecified reason, was enough to push him
over the edge? Why? Why specifically this case? Once again, it wasn’t nearly as
huge or dangerous as saving the world. Jason, if you didn’t mind rescuing the
planet, why does a growly businessman with jars send you scurrying to sabbatical
in a cabin?

As for wanting to “reconnect with
God”, fantastic. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank goodness this part of Jason
is finally being brought back to the light. But why retirement, Jason? Why not
just take a break?

It’s not entirely improbable that
this case could be the one to make Jason call “nuff.” All the same, it’s a pity
we’re handed so much demand on our suspension of belief during Jason’s big
entrance. Would it have been a waste of air-time to have Jason tell us why this case in particular changed
Jason’s mind about retirement?

In any case, these episodes have
far more to be praised than bemoaned. One of the most wonderful treats is the
now familiar trio of Connie, Wooton and Penny performing dynamics together.
Every series eventually finds its golden compound for the best and most memorable
humorous moments, and AIO has found hers. Add Connie, Wooton, and Penny, mix
well. The result is hilarity, every time. They are AIO’s Mickey, Donald and
Goofy. And even haters of Wooton’s
post-persona will have to admit, the writers have Wooton bouncing off the

But then there’s the matter of the
diamonds, and the new villains. Sure, little kids probably love goofball villains
as much as anything, but let’s be honest. Did any of us really completely enjoy
their presence? Did any of us not have a slight sense of “something’s wrong
here?” The fact is, the two brothers were only mildly funny, and certainly not
threatening. They added some excitement, and had some personality… but in the
end, do we need more cartoon
characters in Odyssey, with so much of the spotlight already on Wooton and

All the same, I liked them overall.
Rudolph made me chuckle, and his brother at least provided some menace.

And they certainly were not
purposeless. It’s good Jason’s return to normal life involved some action. It
made things less reminiscent of Welcome
and more fitting for our favorite bold adventurer.

And then there’s… Jack and Joanne!
It’s so comforting to hear Joanne’s voice again. And thank goodness those two
weren’t being given the vanishing treatment. That would be enough to make any
AIO fan scream. Afterall, they are mentioned at the end of A Penny Earned.

Jack’s cameo at the end was
perfectly timed, and left us very happy and sad. But what of Jason who is now… an antique dealer? Jason, I know you
want to help your friends out, but from daredevil analyst to antique dealer?
All the same, it’s a good compromise. A quiet job, but not utter solitude and
sheer permanent silence.

What does AIO have in store for
Jason now he’s in an antique shop? It’s hard to imagine. But it’s easy to

Welcome home, Jason. We hope, this
time, you’re here to stay.

In fact, I believe you are.

Just please don’t marry Connie.

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Home Again in Pound Foolish Review :: Comments


Post on 16th January 2013, 11:06 am by Samansa14

Fantastic, and agreed. I was wondering when you would post something again. Wink

LOVED the ending, I died laughing. I don't know if it was just the wording, or the fact that someone finally agrees with me that did it. Hahaha. Wink

Looking forward to more from you and your blog. Smile

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Post on 16th January 2013, 12:43 pm by underseasie

Bravo, PF! (And I guess that makes three who don't want Jason and Connie together Wink )

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Post on 25th January 2013, 9:59 pm by Maria

Good job, Jeremiah!!! Love it!

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Post on 26th January 2013, 12:05 am by orangie

Thanks for review. I enjoyed reading it. But I don't agree with you about Connie and Jason getting married.

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