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CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/26/13

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CCWN  Edition II, Issue II, 2/26/13 Empty CCWN Edition II, Issue II, 2/26/13

Post by capeng on 26th February 2013, 1:28 pm

County Weekly News


Campbell County Elections are well underway, and in this edition of
the Campbell County Weekly News, we will present all the teams in the
race so far, as well as the highlights of their platforms. Stay
tuned! We have more from the candidates coming up in the very near

Island Rose:

Jesusfreak & underseasie

Island Rose first officially announced their race for admin on
Friday, Feb. 22, 2013, at 3:55 pm.

in their platform are:

of the Month awards:
the end of each month, a random name of one of the top ten posters
will be picked to win 25 seashells.”

will start up Mafia again, with new, fun twists! You'll never know
what will happen in Mafia now!”

Roulette of Doom:
host a monthly Random Roulette of Doom, where you can win everything
from seashells to free custom avatars!”

also mentioned in the platform that 1169 seashells were needed.

Dreamshocker Synergy:

Arkan Dreamwalker & Aftershocker

Dreamshocker Synergy first officially declared their candidacy on
Sunday, Feb. 24, 2013 at 12:38 am. Their platform is slightly
unusual in that they declared their intent to
shape up CC, see that the little glitches are fixed, and perhaps
bring a few small features and improvements”, but declined to
reveal specific details, opting rather to keep them secret. Arkan
hinted that he had a plan to spice up posting, and that there would
be various events held throughout their term, but again, revealed no
details. The Dreamwalker Synergy experienced some pushback from
citizens in the aftermath of the candidacy declaration, leading them
to reveal one planned event:


will be giving out quests for members to do. Members will be
rewarded with badges along with a certain number of seashells
depending on the quest completed.
There will be normal quests such
as a variety of posting and topic quests.
Other quests will be
given out during holiday events or games. The rewards for those
quests will be seashells and a one of a kind badge that only few
members will be able to get.”

Synergy ended their platform with an appeal to voters. “
don't want to just bribe you with games however. If at the end of my
term, you can say there was nothing special to report, then I will
have done good. No huge glitches, no constant annoyances, no long
delays, if I have kept CC running smoothly enough that you haven't
noticed it running, then I will be content.
Of course I do hope
to do more, and will strive to, assisted by Aftershocker and the able
team of Campbell County, make this the best term possible.”

Lightning Agents:

agent 86

Lightning Agents first announced their candidacy on Feb. 20, 2013, at
5:01 pm.

in their platform are:

of Term Awards Ceremony:

The End of Term
Awards will be handed out to some of the many special people on this
board who have helped to make an impression during our term.

you have a select amount of people allowed to enter, then you go
through a series of rounds with a new contest each round. Each
round, one person is "knocked out" of the contest, this
person had the worst entry. Also, each round, there is one winner,
who wins a small prize. It goes until the last contest, in which 2
or 3 people face off in the final. The winner gets a HUGE prize!
The others come in 2nd and 3rd, and still win stuff.


it is time, drum roll please, to find out the favorites of Campbell
County. That is right we will accept nominations from everyone for
your favorite movies, music, books, and more. Each movie needs one or
more votes. We will have three or more which you our loyal fans must
vote for. When the competition finishes we will release the list.”

of February 22, the Agents needed 800 shells.

tuned for a detailed look into the minds of the candidates later,
here with the CCWN!

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