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How is God Speaking to You?

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How is God Speaking to You? Empty How is God Speaking to You?

Post by Jason on 18th August 2013, 11:33 pm

The Thursday before Your Servant is Listening Part 1, aired I was with a group discussing different things. Then one guy asked the question How has God spoke  to you in the last seven days. We went around the table and expressed our thoughts. I thought it was interesting how answers varied between each person and each seemed to be a different way too. The answers varied from learning something from a particular event, hearing something from scripture, to hearing something through a friend or family member. Honestly it's a concept that really has stuck out to me lately. 

And then the two part season premiere of album 57 aired and gave me more food to chew on. I was really pleased with this episode. And it continued my thought process on the topic. I really liked the conversation between Hannah and Camilla. 
Your Servant is Listening, Part 1 wrote:Camilla ParkerGod's never talked to me.
HannahGod is faithful to do what he says he will do. Perhaps the problem is that you haven't been listening. That you have ears, but fail to truly hear.
This quote stayed in my mind. It almost sounds like something a mother would say to a child about following directions. But that doesn't make it any less true. I've fallen into this category myself. Honestly it's easy to do. You can surround yourself with church, Christian music, Christian shirts, and Christian friends. But there's gotta be more to it. There's gotta be a yearning to hear God's voice and a desire to do what you can order to do so. Really be listening for God's voice. Digging into the Bible, striking up thought provoking conversations, listening for his guidance in situations and etc. 

Your Servant is Listening, Part 2 wrote:SamuelI've never experienced God talking to me like he did last night, but he has spoken to me before.
Camilla ParkerReally?
SamuelYes, in other ways. Like when Eli reads the words of God out loud from the holy scrolls, or in the things my mother tells me when she visits, or that nudge in my heart reminding me what's right and wrong.
Camilla ParkerI've never thought abut God talking to me that way.
SamuelI guess it takes time to recognize his voice.

Camilla ParkerI guess I've always thought God only spoke to adults, like my parents. They know all about God, but they're old.
SamuelYoung or old, we're all his children. He has something to say to each of us If we only listen. And of course, we need to talk to him too.
These quotes tie together my thoughts so well. I've always believed in the power of prayer, but the listening part is the part I've shied away from. I found it strange that the discussion I was in on happened right before this episode aired. But I spose it's something God is telling me right now. Very Happy 

The intention behind this topic isn't so much to discuss the episodes though. To back track, I'd like to pose the question; What has God been saying to you in the past seven days? And really, it can be through anyone or anything, as long as you've been listening. Wink


How is God Speaking to You? Jasonsig

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