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Daily Motivation

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Daily Motivation Empty Daily Motivation

Post by Bren on 22nd August 2013, 5:30 am

If you were in a situation where you stayed home and did things around the house and online everyday and were the only one around, what would you do to motivate yourself to get up or make each day special instead of a bore?

Yeah, I'm the bum who has that situation. Whistle

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Post by Sko on 22nd August 2013, 10:53 am

Being homeschooled, I have the same problem quite a lot. My advice is to find something that's repetitive but not boring. Such things are possible. For me, I'm working on learning how to play any musical instrument I have access to.

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Post by Sunshine on 24th August 2013, 11:44 am

Like I've seen some others say, I'd definitely schedule each day.  If you don't have enough to fit into a schedule, make stuff to fit.  Yes  For example, how long do you spend eating each meal?  Lots of people just "grab a bite to eat" and then keep going with their day.  I plan at least half an hour into my day for each meal.  I could easily eat in less time, but trying to eat slow enough to fill an entire half an hour lets me enjoy the food, plus it helps my digestive system.  Wink

Consider learning a hobby from the internet.  Learn something like book-binding, and sell what you make online, like on Ebay.com, or Etsy.com.  For example: blank journals - people will pay a good amount for a good quality book.  I'm pretty sure there's more than one place on the internet showing how to do book-binding!  =)

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